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About Compare Guru

Compare Guru is an online insurance comparison site in South Africa, that provides free, unbiased side-by-side quotes on short-term and long-term insurance products, ranging from comprehensive vehicle insurance, life insurance, and more.

Before one commits to a car insurance policy, it’s best to do research and compare car insurance quotes from South Africa’s top car insurance providers. With Compare Guru, one is assisted with finding the best car insurance quote in South Africa with the best car insurance company.

Importance of Car insurance

Everyone is aware of the important role that a car plays in the daily operations of one’s activities. What is even more important, is the cover that a vehicle needs in order for life to carry on as normal as possible in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Car insurance covers the policyholder, their vehicle, someone else driving their car, and other people involved in the event of a car crash.

If one causes an accident, one could leave a vulnerable victim without the medical attention needed to recover. In this case, the driver could also be held personally liable for third-party claims, which are claims by other people involved in the incident. An uninsured driver faces many challenges if, for example, they are involved in an accident. In this event, the driver will not only be responsible for paying out the other driver, or the driver’s insurance company, but they will be faced with dealing with the high costs of their own repairs. The long-term impact of an accident without proper car insurance in South Africa could be financially crippling for those that are uninsured.

Compare Guru Services

There are three categories of car insurance to suit those looking for budget cover to comprehensive cover.

These categories include:

  1. Third-Party Insurance, which is the most affordable and cheap car insurance quote one will receive. This budget insurance option covers the other party, should the policyholder cause an accident with someone else. Important to note is that the policyholder's damages will not be covered with this option. The aim of this car insurance option ensure that the policyholder is not left financially crippled trying to pay back for damages caused to another person's property.
  2. Third-Party, Theft and Fire, which covers another party, and the policyholder’s vehicle in the event that either is stolen or set alight. This option falls within the budget insurance scope, with the option of extra cover for the policyholder.
  3. Comprehensive Car Insurance, which is the overall car insurance plan which covers the policyholder for all incidents. Whether the insured car is stolen, in an accident, set alight, or whether the policyholder may have caused damage to another car, it will be covered.

This can all add up to an unaffordable cost which is why car insurance is essential to cover for unexpected events seen as: 

  • A car being stolen or hijacked.
  • A car destroyed or damaged in a fire or collision.
  • A car causing injury or damage to somebody else or on the policyholder’s property.
  • A driver at fault in a collision with another car.

Compare Guru – Car Insurance

  • Product Car Insurance
  • 3 Kinds of car insurance
    With Compare Guru can get a number of quotes for different car insurance this includes from comprehensive car insurance to 3rd party only
  • Extended warranty and pre-owned warranty
    Whether you have a new car or an older car you should cover mechanical break downs. You can do this with warranty insurance from Compare Guru
  • Scratch and dent
    Small scratches and dents can happen so quickly. Cover these small accidents before they spread.

Benefits of Compare Guru

  • Life cover - Compare Guru can help you with quotes for life cover. You can include disability and critical illness cover to make sure you and your family are comprehensively covered. 
  • Domestic worker cover - This insurance is vital to have for those taking care of your family. This cover includes funeral, death and disability cover. You can buy this cover online and be covered straight away. 
  • Wills - Compare Guru allows you to apply to have a will drawn up so that you know your wishes will be followed upon your death. 
  • Pet cover makes sure that you have the money available to take care of your fur babies when an accident occurs. 

Get car insurance today

These events can be extremely stressful and with car insurance in South Africa, one can be assisted in dealing with these moments in a manner that will offer financial support.

Car insurance quotes

To get the best car insurance in South Africa with Compare Guru Car Insurance, one can complete the following steps:

Step 1:

Visit compareguru.co.za where individuals can fill in personal, as well as car details.

Step 2:

Once individuals have filled in personal and car details, Compare Guru’s technology-enabled quoting engine will pull accurate quotes from insurers and display them side-by-side for individuals to compare prices. 

Step 3:

Compare car insurance quotes side-by-side from SA’s top insurers.

From here, once individuals are ready to select from the best car insurance companies, they can click on the best car insurance quote to go ahead and open a policy. After this, a Compare Guru agent will make contact and call to handle all the admin on the individual’s behalf. Alternatively, one can contact a Compare Guru agent by calling 021 202 6367 or email hello@compareguru.co.za for further assistance.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2020

With Compare Guru you can get a number of quotes for different car insurance this includes from comprehensive car insurance to 3rd party only, they give you what you ask for and what you need.

Belinda K
— Cape Town —

October 2021

I recommend this for everyone who is just starting out you really wont regret it affordable prices no one beats.

Dillon P
— Mosselbaai —

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