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About Nedbank

MFC is a division of Nedbank and was founded following a merger between Motor Finance Corporation and Nedbank Vehicle and Asset Finance in October 2010.

MFC prides itself on offering a focus on vehicle finance accommodated with fast and efficient service. When financing a car, it is compulsory to keep your vehicle comprehensively insured against third-party claims, and against loss or damage for the duration of the finance agreement. When one finances a car with MFC, car insurance in South Africa can be arranged through Nedbank Insurance, as Nedbank offers a variety of vehicle cover options.

Car insurance South Africa

With MFC, a division of Nedbank, there are multiple car insurance policies to select from which include:

  • MFC Extended Warranty
  • MFC Pre Owned Vehicle Warranty
  • MFC Warranty Gap
  • MFC Service Plan
  • MFC Power-Up Service Plan
  • MFC Tyre and Rim Warranty
  • Credit Shortfall

Nedbank Services

This car insurance option offers cover for non-wear and tears parts on a vehicle once the factory warranty has expired and includes: 

  • Additional cover when the manufacturer's warranty expires.
  • Cover for an additional two years or 250 000km.
  • Cover for any mechanical or electrical failures.
  • Free of charge access to services such as roadside assistance, emergency medical response, and vehicle rental service.

MFC pre-owned vehicle warranty

Similar to MFC Extended Warranty, MFC Pre Owned Vehicle Warranty offers car insurance in South Africa that will cover non-wear and tear parts of a car, but in this case, to a pre-owned vehicle. This category of car insurance includes:

  • Cover for major mechanical and electrical parts.
  • Cover for 24 months with unlimited kilometers.
  • Availability of prestige and standard options.
  • Free of charge access to services such as roadside assistance, emergency medical response, and vehicle rental service.

Nedbank – Car Insurance

  • Product Car Insurance
  • The choice is yours
    You can choose your cover. Nedbank has offers from comprehensive cover to 3rd party cover only
  • Cover for all types of vehicles
    Nedbank offers your the opportunity to cover you off road vehicles, classic cars and even your watercraft.
  • Value adds
    You can add tyre and rim and extended warranties to your cover

Benefits of Nedbank

  • Credit Protection is insurance for all loans or lines of credit. If anything should happen to you this insurance will cover your debts so as not to burden your family with this responsibility.
  • NIC (Nedbank Chat) - a live chat is available to you while you look at the different options, buy or make a claim on line. 
  • Legal cover - Nedbank offers you the opportunity to have a lawyer at your disposal when needed. 
  • Life cover for up to 2 million for up to 10 beneficiaries and you can add cover such as disability and critical illness cover. 

Get car insurance with Nedbank

It is important to note with this category of car insurance is that the vehicle must be regularly serviced at the individual's dealer or any RMI-approved outlet.

MFC warranty gap Car insurance

MFC Warranty Gap car insurance covers an individual for specific additional non-wear and tear parts which include:

  • Cover for the gap between the major warranty claim amount, as well as the amount listed in the “Claim Limits” section of the individual's underlying policy.
  • Cover for the policyholder for two years.
  • In the event of repairs not being completed within 48 working hours, the costs incurred to hire a car or take public transport will be covered up to a specified limit.

MFC service plan Car insurance

With MFC Service Plan car insurance in South Africa, one has access to a policy that covers all serviceable items on the vehicle as well as the related labour charges incurred. This includes: 

  • Cover for all scheduled vehicle services as per the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Cover for all serviceable items, which includes related labour charges, but excludes wear and tear.
  • Roadside assistance.

 Important to note is that the MFC Service Plan is endorsed by vehicle manufacturers throughout South Africa.

MFC power-up service plan

MFC Power-Up Service Plan offers a policy that covers all essential wear and tear components and related labour charges that are not covered by the individual manufacturers or extended service plan. Similar to the MFC Service Plan, this category of car insurance is also endorsed by vehicle manufacturers throughout South Africa and includes cover for essential wear and tear components like brake pads, wiper blades, batteries, and related labour charges.

MFC tyre and rim warranty

Ideal for those moments when one does not see that pothole in the road is MFC Tyre and Rim Warranty car insurance in South Africa. The MFC Tyre and Rim Warranty offers a policy that covers individuals for specific repair or replacement of tyres or rims damaged by road hazards and includes:

  • Cover for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged tyres and rims.
  • Cover up to the value of R10 000 per claim with an overall policy limit of R40 000 over a two year period.
  • Roadside assistance and once-off wheel balancing and alignment.

Credit shortfall

MFC’s Credit Shortfall car insurance offers a policy that covers the individual for specific shortfalls on insurance claims if one’s car is stolen or written off. With this category of car insurance, one is entitled to:

  • Cover for specific shortfalls on insurance claims.
  • Cover in the event that one’s car is written-off or stolen.
  • No risk of having to downgrade one’s vehicle or continue paying for a vehicle that one no longer has.
  • Cover for the difference between the insured market value and the outstanding financed amount.

Car insurance quotes

To get an online insurance quote in South Africa with MFC, a division of Nedbank, one can visit mfc.co.za and within the category of “Vehicle Cover”, select the car insurance option of choice by making use of the “Get in touch” option within each category. From here, one can complete the necessary fields of information and an MFC Nedbank agent will get back to you.

Alternatively, one can contact MFC Nedbank, by calling 0860 879 900, where an MFC Nedbank agent will be ready to assist with the process of getting a car insurance quote and any questions and concerns on one’s path to the best car insurance in South Africa.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2020

They offer you roadside assistance, emergency medical response and vehicle rental service when the worst have happened they take the extreme stress of you.

Andre E
— Pietermaritzburg —

May 2021

Easy, fast online application and affordable prices get your car premium by your bank you bank it makes it so easy.

Naomi T
— Vereeniging —

May 2021

I'm all about show and sound and Nedbank covers all these things that is nice for a small additional cost.

Markus U
— North West —

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