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About DebtSafe

DebtSafe in South Africa, provide clients with financial empowerment by keeping them informed about how to manage their finances and getting themselves out of debt when they feel like there is nowhere to turn.

Drowning in debt

We take your financial situation seriously and work with our clients to formulate a solution, no matter how deep in debt you are. We operate on a national level, throughout the country, helping clients with our expertise and knowledge of the financial industry.

Consolidate all your debt

South Africa has an overwhelming number of people who are drowning in debts and can no longer afford to pay back the accumulated loans, credit cards, and other debts they have.

Through our services, we can take away all the debt you currently have, and evolve and consolidate it into one debt to pay off monthly.

This will reduce your repayments and help you stay clear of getting into more debt. Our debt review and consolidation options have a credit insurance cover to cover you when you cannot pay your instalments.

DebtSafe Services

Debtsafe works in line with the NCR of South Africa, aligning ourselves with the credit act and financial relief options for clients experiencing debt problems.

We offer debt review and debt consolidation to clients who need to minimize their monthly payments on their credit cards and accounts.

We negotiate on your behalf

We negotiate with your creditors, to ensure the credit life insurance is enforced on your existing debts, in case you are unable to pay or miss instalments on your payments due to loss of employment, or illness.

DebtSafe saves our clients up to 60% in cash when consolidating their debts into one monthly payment, and keeps your creditors away from hassling you and demanding payments.

Quality processes in place

We have a high level of quality processes in place integrated with creditor lines and service providers, to ensure all information needed is accessible through our platforms. We work on behalf of our clients and are a mediator in preventing legal action from affecting your lives.

DebtSafe – Credit Life Insurance

  • Product Credit Life Insurance

Benefits of DebtSafe

  • Funeral Service

DebtSafe provide a solution to keep or debts covered when you cant

DebtSafe in South Africa provides simple and effective services for clients struggling to pay off their debts.

This is nothing alarming in the country, as so many South Africans are experiencing financial hardship, and use credit wherever possible to get through day-to-day living.

However, these debts build-up to the point where they are no longer affordable, and clients need assistance to manage their finances and payments. Our online insurance application process is very easy, and when approved, we get the wheels turning quickly to prevent any legal action coming your way.

The First Step to a New Life

Our first step requires the clients to complete an application form which can be done online. From this, we will summarise your creditor list and contact them directly to ensure you have credit life insurance in place with them, and also inform them that you are taking steps to debt review.

Step Two - Assessing your Debts

Step two includes a free assessment of your debts, so we can evaluate your situation and see if you qualify for debt review. We will take a look at your current debts and see if you are over indebted, and advise you on the steps to take next.

We can assist you through our experienced team to work out a repayment plan that you can afford, and that also covers your creditor needs.

Step Three - Proposing to Creditors

Step three will involve our proposal to you as the clients.

We will put together a proposed repayment evaluation on your outstanding debts for your creditors, and get feedback from them to see if they are willing to accept our offer.

Should you have the credit or life insurance with any of your creditors, this will be a bonus and/or may remove your need to pay them off.

The Final Step

The next step is done once we have received notification from all creditors involved, and the legal confirmation safeguarding you from any court or legal actions from your creditors. A court order will be put in place which we will organise on your behalf.

Get in Touch with us

Once everything is in place, you can officially breathe and know that all you have to do now is ensure your monthly reduced instalment is paid on time every month.

Any missed payments will result in a default on your debt review. Our team is there for you every step of the way and available to answer any queries you have.

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