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About – InCheck

Incheck provide credit insurance options for clients in South Africa that are affordable and easy to obtain.

We are customer focused and rely on our expertise on our products and experience in the market to deliver on our customer service.

Don't Pay More

We know how expensive life insurance cover can be; clients can end up paying more than what they actually get out in most instances.

We at Incheck, provide a more cost effective approach to covering your insurance needs, with all the added benefits, you still get value for money, and more back in returns.

Communication is Key

We are transparent and communicate throughout our processes and services with our clients, making sure you have a complete understanding of our service to you.

All our policies have the underwriting enforcement of Metropolitan Life, so our clients know they are getting a certified and regulated proposal to satisfy their needs.

Incheck intend to provide all our clients, with your best interests at heart at every stage of our partnership.

Services – InCheck

Incheck assist clients with the guidance in your credit insurance in a unique way.

With credit being one of our main processes and means to buy what we need, South Africans do build up high credit accounts and debts.

We pay a vast amount of our salary on these debts every month, and should something happen to you, the debts would unfortunately still be there.

How it Works

In the unfortunate event that you should pass away, credit life insurance will cover all your outstanding unpaid debt, taking away the financial burdens from your family that are left behind.

This can include loans, credit cards, home loans and vehicle loans which still allow them to keep the assets, only have no repayments to make.

Loss of Employment

If you are let go from work on a retrenchment basis, our credit insurance will cover those repayments over a 6 month period, giving you a time frame to find alternate work, and not fall behind in your repayments.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance

Incheck Insurance saves you time and money and covers your debts.

Credit Life Insurance from Incheck is a sure way to get the cover you need at an affordable premium. We have extensive experience in assisting clients who are under debt review, where the risk of losing assets and falling into lawsuit traps may be their biggest areas of concern.

A Simple Insurance Application Online

Our application process is simple, with everything at our client’s fingertips. Our online platform will allow you to register online, and by sending us your contact details, we will get back to you at the soonest possible timeframe, and carry you through the application process.

We guide our clients, advise them and present a proposal and quotation that will match your outstanding debts, your needs and affordability.

Clients, who find themselves overwhelmed with repayments on credit every month, will benefits a lot from our service offering, as with one premium, we can cover a higher cover amount which would be able to cover all those debts in the event of your death.

Who will Meet your Obligations Once you're Gone?

In a disability situation, we will cover a portion of your debts for a specific time frame, and then the balance as a death benefit when you pass away.

The reality of life is that should something happen to you, who will look after you family financially?

Why Credit Insurance is Critical

You may be gone, but the debts you have on your profile will still be there, and unless you have credit insurance in place, they will be passed onto your family to sort out. We often have clients coming to us with their current credit insurance firm being too costly.

We Offer Affordable Options and Alternatives

We then quote them on the same requirements and always come out cheaper. We have thousands of satisfied clients, who praise our service deliver which is of the highest quality, and our affordability, which is very competitive in the insurance market. Simply contact us now or apply for an online insurance quote in just minutes!

Comprehensive Coverage

We offer our credit cover for situations such as in death, disability, serious or critical illness and for retrenchment. Each option has their own benefits and own costing model. We can also offer a combined solution which cover all areas, at a reduced rate.

Cover your Spouse at a Special Premium

We find delight in treating all our clients in a unique and special way. Every client we have is important to us. We improved and update our methods with feedback we receive from our clients, and always deliver on your expectations.

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