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About – Liberty

Liberty credit life insurance knows just how to cover clients in the event of a traumatic situation in your life.

We have a lot of experience in servicing clients in covering their debt in the event of death or disability, and have a long list of currently very happy clients in the country.

Liberty is not New to the Financial World

We have a well-known reputation in South Africa as the investment leaders in the country, and also have an incredible knowledge and track record for delivering on insurance products which work hand in hand with the needs of every clients needs.

A Unique Approach to Insurance

We have a unique way of matching our services in line with our diverse range of clients, offering a linking partnership between our expert staff and our client relationships.

We manage large groups, business corporations and private individuals and help manage their insurance needs and processes from beginning to end.

Services – Liberty

Liberty Credit Life Insurance comes in a number of flexible and effective options. We offer credit life insurance for clients who thing ahead, and want the financial security to prevent risk in the event of their death or disability.

Life can throw you a curve ball at any stage.

You could get retrenched from a high paying job tomorrow. You could fall victim to a serious critical illness, or you could under an unforeseen circumstance, die without warning.

Liberty’s credit cover makes sure that whatever debts you have accumulated would be taken care of in the event of any of these devastating events that could happen.

Protecting those who Matter most

The last thing we want is to leave the stress of financial debts and repayment balances for our family to try and salvage.

This could leave a bad taste in anyone’s life, and also result in more serious defaults causing them to lose their home, car and anything else which is of value.

Summary of Services

  • Medical Cover
  • Policy Protection
  • Life Protection
  • Income Protection 
  • Funeral Benefits and Plans 
  • Accident
  • Critical Illness Cover 
  • Disability Covers

Liberty Credit Insurance Covers your Outstanding Debts Fast

Liberty credit life insurance offers a simple and fast application process to meet the needs of our client’s busy lifestyles. You can also get an insurance quote online

Our policies are annually renewed with our clients, so if you need to increase you premiums and credit cover amounts, you have the option to do so.

When a Claim can be Made

Our insurance pay-outs are dependent on the person being retrenched, undergoing a critical or terminal illness or under circumstances of death.

Getting covered is easier than ever. Liberty has an accessible contact line on our website, which allows clients to leave a message for one of our consultants, and they will contact you back in a fast turnaround time.

Easy and Quick Payments

We will evaluate your profiles, to propose a suitable credit insurance policy draft which you can look at. We will work around this draft, until you are happy with the final contract.

Once in place, clients can enjoy the ease of their monthly premiums being directly debited from their bank account on a day of the month of your choice.

Efficiency & Transparency

Efficiency and transparency are two key elements of our service delivery to our clients. All our services revolve around our effectiveness to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our premiums are low, and work in line with the time period in which you have chosen to pay your insurance plan over, and how much your debt amounts up to.

Picking up where you Left off

The cover you choose will insure that should you be retrenched, we will pay your creditors for a time period stipulated, so that you don’t fall behind in your payments.

Once you get another income coming in, you can start picking up on your payments once more.

Taking a Burden off their Shoulders

In the event of disability or critical illness, we will pay out a certain amount to your debts and the balance will be paid out should you pass away.

We know you don’t want to leave the hassles and burdens of your unpaid debts to your family members, so we make sure we cover them with the credit insurance cover you have in place with Liberty.

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Ph: 011 408 3911

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