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About – Regent

Regent is one of South Africa’s top credit insurance brokerage companies, which does the searching for our clients.

Leveraging our Experience

Getting the right product when you need it is often a chance you take when doing the search yourself.

For anyone who is inexperienced in the insurance industry, it can be quite a stressful task.

We have had many years to form relationships with top insurance providers, who all offer the most valuable benefits to clients, with top quality premiums and a value for money you would battle to find on your own.

Fast Results

With our supplier and insurance leverage we can secure the best credit insurance cover for you quicker than ever.

We want to take the hassle off your hands, and provide a search service which goes above and beyond, with an end to end customer care.

Let us use our experience in the insurance industry for your benefits.

Services – Regent

With more than half the population in the country being indebted to credit facilities, having cover in place would be a wise move to make.

Life can be Unpredictable

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, or disability or even succumb to an unexpected death, having a cover in place to cover those debts when you can’t, will make a complete financial difference to your family.

Instead of leaving your family with unpaid debts, rather leave the fond happy memories.

We can help you with our searching services, which have been securing the right credit cover for clients around South African since 1994.

Affordable and Valuable Cover

We have built strong valuable relationships with insurance companies, to secure valuable and affordable cover for our clients.

Getting life cover has never been easier, and we do all the work for you. Register online with Regent today, and get covered tomorrow. We care about your future just as much as you do.

Summary of Services

  • Car & Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicles Insurance

Regent will Cover your Debts with Comprehensive Credit Insurance

Regent credit life insurance offer a simple but effective way to get the credit insurance cover you need. We work through an online platform, through our website, which is accessible immediately to clients.

Finding the Perfect Fit

We will use our relationships with insurance companies across the span of South Africa, to find the right perfectly fitted insurance company that will offer you the solution you need.

Clients no longer need to spend days, weeks or months, searching, applying and not getting the results they want from doing their own search.

Let us do the Hard Work

This can be highly stressful on its own, as well as the fact that you may not get the negotiated premiums that we can get you.

Let us do the hard work, while you concentrate on what matters most to you. we have made the whole step by step process as easy to sue as possible, to be available for clients on a diverse spectrum.

Get a Quote Online

Clients can easily register online, and follow the easy to use steps to obtain an online insurance quote. We will create a profile for you, with all the key areas that revolve around your specific needs, according to your current outstanding debts, and budgetary abilities to pay back.

Let us Call you Back

We can also assist you via a call back. Just send us a message on our website, and we will get an experienced consultant to call you back immediately and discuss option of credit insurance cover with you.

With every stage of our service delivery, we ensure we carry through our aim which is to keep communication open with our clients at all time.

We never say never!

We will always find a solution that fits your needs and your budget. We make our clients feel special; each client receives the VIP treatment, from our caring and helpful team of consultants.

We will always go above and beyond to ensure you get the right service, the accident, credit and funeral insurance cover, and an end result which benefits you long term, and give you more that you bargained for.

 Contact Details

Dorp Street, De Bron, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa
Ph: 021 912 2500 / 0861 900 801

 Postal Address

PO Box 674, Edenvale, 1610, South Africa