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About Delta Dental Care

After 15 years as a dentist, Dr Yavini Naidoo launched Delta Dental Care insurance in South Africa, which provides its members with a range of comprehensive dental treatment options for all ages.

With an aim to provide access to a relaxed yet cutting-edge dental treatment facility and a commitment to treatment that produces clinical results of the highest standard, Delta Dental Care insurance has every corner covered.

Dental insurance plans

The variety of dental insurance plans offered by Delta Dental Care includes current trends and research in dental innovation and thinking. They further provide a comprehensive, holistic approach that focuses on daily lifestyle choices, as well as habitual body stresses and aesthetics. Delta Dental Care insurance offers a variety of six dental cover options which include:

  1. Aesthetic Dentistry
  2. Children’s Dentistry
  3. Prosthetics
  4. Bite Rehabilitation
  5. Restorative Treatment
  6. Preventative Care

Aesthetic dentistry

Delta Dental Care insurance understands the need to have a smile that creates confidence within and therefore they provide a range of cost-effective aesthetic treatments known to many as ‘cosmetic dentistry. These treatments consist of:

  • Tooth reshaping
  • Composite Bonding
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening

Delta Dental Care Services

Delta Dental Care insurance in South Africa understands the process involved in getting the young ones acquainted with dentist visits, which is why they introduce easy home routines that nurture children’s teeth at a young age in order to establish a healthy relationship with dental care.

Furthermore, the focus on regular check-ups is encouraged as it aids in the detection of the early stages of tooth decay, which is essential to maintaining oral health. To assist parents in this journey of building a healthy relationship with dental health, parents are given the following:

  • A program of preventative home care
  • A risk assessment
  • Information on the finger, thumb, and pacifier habits
  • Advice related to preventing injuries to the mouth and teeth with regards to children
  • Diet counselling
  • Information on growth and development


Delta Dental insurance understands the consequences of tooth loss which include discomfort, reduced function, and compromised aesthetics and speech. With the experienced Delta Dental insurance laboratory known as TASS DENTAL, the utilization of advanced methods of functional analysis and aesthetic profiling is done to ensure that members are satisfied with their prosthetic devices.

Furthermore, Delta Dental’s established relationship and communication protocol with TASS DENTAL’s committed and experienced technicians allows this dental insurance company to produce crowns, bridges, veneers, and implant-supported prostheses of the highest standards at an outstanding price.

Delta Dental Care – Dental Insurance

  • Product Dental Insurance
  • Comprehensive Dental Insurance
    Delta offers comprehensive dental cover for all ages and all those in your family.

Benefits of Delta Dental Care

  • Types of care - Delta dental care offers preventative care with teeth cleaning and child care dental programs. Keep teeth looking beautiful with whitening treatments. 
  • Holistic Dentistry - Delta dental care will fix any and all problems that you may have, but more than that they will give you advice on how to better care for your mouth. 

Get dental insurance today.

Delta Dental Insurance places value on comprehensive care and believes a general consultation offers a holistic approach to dentistry.

With Delta Dental insurance a diagnosis follows thorough examination, as well as involved discussion. This diagnosis will take the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and face, as well as the bite patterns and parafunction that may be evident into consideration. The patient/member is involved in each stage of treatment planning, in order to make sure to address all patient-specific dental needs and assessments.

With Delta Dental composite white fillings, high-quality dental materials are used in order to provide longevity of any restoration which seeks to maintain the functional anatomy of the tooth, whilst providing great aesthetic outcomes.

Preventative care

At Delta Dental insurance in South Africa, the fact that oral infections can lead to all sorts of other health problems is highlighted, which is why routine dental visits are encouraged, as well as a scale and polish every six months.

A consultation at Delta Dental Care will include:

  • Risk-assessment
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Appropriate oral hygiene home protocols for members to use to ensure optimum health.

Dental insurance application

For those looking to sign up with Delta Dental insurance in South Africa or make an appointment, one can follow these channels:

  • Call (+27) 011 888 0600.
  • Email info@deltadental.co.za
  • Visit www.deltadental.co.za and within the “Contact ” section, complete the necessary fields of information under “Make an Enquiry”.
  • Visit the Delta Dental care practice in South Africa located at Upper Level, Victory Park Shopping Centre, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Rustenburg Road, Victory Park in Johannesburg.

Bite rehabilitation

Bite rehabilitation is one aspect of dental insurance that is beneficial to many and at times underrated. Many individuals suffer symptoms from chronic grinding and clenching. Identifying signs of tooth wear can often lead to a diagnosis and successful treatment of other related symptoms. These related symptoms include :

  • Facial pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus is otherwise known as ringing in the ears

Delta Dental insurance works closely with patients to establish basic protocols that aim to address habits and deal with the problem. In this process, the initial phase seeks to make patients aware of head and neck postures and body tension. The next step looks to introduce a bite plate and from there, the aim is to restore the functional and aesthetic anatomy of the teeth.   

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2020

I struggle with bad teeth and having dental health takes the strain off my wallet.

Emma S
— Graaff-Reinet —

July 2021

Delta Dental covers false teeth as well so if you lose them all you are covered don't stress.

Chloe P
— Stutterheim —

June 2021

After my jaw surgery they helped me through the rehabilitation stage. I can eat like a normal person again.

Anderson M
— Germiston —

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