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About – Denis

Denis Dental Insurance is a well-known insurance provider in South Africa.

We have vast experience in combining risk management into our insurance options, and tailoring a comprehensive solution which the modern day family require in order to have a healthy smile.

We've Created a Name for Ourselves

We have over the years created a name in the industry, with our unique and innovative approach to clients getting an all-round benefit and financial backing for those costly dental procedures that take a known on our budget.

You can Rely on us

With our firm being well established since 1996, clients trust us with their oral health insurance needs, and know they can depend on our experience and knowledge to assist them and guide them throughout the processes involved.

We Deliver on Expectations

Our strengths lie in the way we deliver on clients expectations and maximise the outcome on their needs. We believe in the transformation of the country and are proudly rated level 2 BEE recognition.

Services – Denis

Denis Dental Insurance understands the challenges faced today when it comes to the costs of keeping your life healthy.

This goes along with your dental hygiene, and keeping updated with your dental check-ups and attending to those cavities and broken teeth.

Avoid the Dentist No More

We often avoid going for these visits because they cost us a fortune. Often you medical aid will cover a portion of the bill, and you still end up paying thousands to get your teeth at the stage where they are healthy.

No longer do clients need to put off this important part of staying healthy.

Get that Hard Earned Cash Back

Denis offer clients options of dental cover that pays back what you spend at the dentist. Now you can get that hard earned cash back once you have paid your practitioner.

We provide simple and easy to understand terms and conditions for each option we provide.

Clients can choose the cover which suits and benefits them and their family, as well as what is in line with their budget.

Summary of Services

  • Dental Cover 
  • Dental Insurance
  • Insurance For Teeth 
  • Hospital Cover
  • Medical Policy

Cover for you and your Family with Competitive Premiums

Denis Dental Insurance has many years of excellence proving how we help clients get their smile back! For years, we have been providing dental insurance to meet the needs of your dental requirements as well as your budget.

We have assisted thousands of smiling clients with Hospital pre-authorisation, Managed-care, Dentistry network availability and much more.

Our focus is to provide cover for health management and we start from your mouth! With affordable premiums, everyone can afford to have the dental work they need to keep their teeth healthy.

Our Benefits to our Clients Include Specific Divisions

Conservative, Specialised and IV Conscious Sedation dentistry. With each of these sections, clients can receive an all-round dental care, to provide the treatment they need through any situation.

General or conservative dental care includes the basics such as general check-ups, and examinations, oral hygiene, fillings, root canals, plastic dentures, extractions, radiography and more.

Most procedures in the dentist rooms differ when it comes to payment terms. We will provide each customer with a detailed look into these terms and preferred dental practices in your area just contact us or apply for an online insurance quote to get started.

When claiming clients need to provide a few details:

  • Medical membership details / number
  • Dentist Practice name / number
  • Dental Treatment date
  • Patient name
  • Patient code as per membership card
  • ICD-10 codes
  • Procedure codes
  • Authorisation number
  • And a few more areas may be applicable, which we will inform you of during the claiming process

Claim Payments

The payment of your claim will be in line with your stipulated policy terms just as it would with regular health insurance, each policy differs in accordance to the membership you have chosen.

Denis makes it easier to afford those dental visits, and now your whole family can have that glowing smile and healthy mouth that makes everything worth smiling about.

We're Here to Hear you out

We are available at any time during office hours to discuss your dental cover options, and what your preferred membership option will cover.

We work in line with the dentistry codes and terms of tariffs according to the list of dentists on our preferred lists. We will be happy to discuss any questions you have in regards to keeping your family healthy from the mouth!

 Contact Details

Block D, The Forum, Northbank Lane, Century City, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Ph: 0860 336 346 / 0860 104 940
Fx: 0866 770 336

 Postal Address

Private Bag X1, Century City, 7441, South Africa

 Opening Hours

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