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About – Metropolitan

Metropolitan was established over 114 years ago, and is now one of the largest financial and insurance companies in the South Africa.

Listed on the JSE as a division of MMI Holding, our security in this industry is overwhelmingly tight, which is an added value we offer our clients.

Leaving a Legacy

We leave a legacy throughout every service we provide, ensuring our clients receive a service level second to none.

The highest qualified staff with a passion for the industry is products of our development programmes and our willingness to create an everlasting firm that customers around the country can depend on.

You Deserve the Best

We believe our customers deserve nothing but the best, which goes for our guidance and advice on the life insurance and funeral policies we offer.

We continuously develop our solutions so that you get the best the market offers, with best value for money.

Our clients always get out more than what they put in. Investing in your future should be no different. 

Services – Metropolitan

Metropolitan funeral insurance has so many benefits, it’s easy to make the right choice by choosing the right partner to look after your family and finances in the event of death.

A Topic we Tend to Avoid

Thinking and talking about about death is something we tend to avoid, because of the traumatic emotional feelings that it brings to us. However, the reality of it is that it’s not just the emotional side we need to deal with, it’s the financial aspect as well.

Taking Care of the Costs of a Funeral

This is why Metropolitan offer funeral cover to take care of the financial side of things, leaving you time to mourn and carry on with matters that really counts. Our funeral insurance options are paid out to clients within a quick turnaround time of 48 hours from notification.

Financial Support for Funeral Costs

The cash you get will enable you to cover those funeral expenses which can really take a knock on your budget. We pay an amount of up to R30 000 to clients, to afford the funeral service, coffin, tombstone and catering involved.

Summary of Services

  • Funeral Insurance

Insurance and Customer Service that Speaks Volumes

Metropolitan offer clients in South Africa, the benefits of funeral insurance cover, that not only meets your family’s needs, but is affordable and pays out fast.

With funeral and life cover offers to choose from, clients with any budget can afford to be covered throughout and after their lives.

Make the Right Decision

Metropolitan will help you make the right decision that will benefit you and your family now and later, contact us today.

We don’t require any medical examinations for our funeral cover which covers you in the event of accidental or premature death circumstances.

We also cover you, your spouse and children as well as your parents, in-laws and grandparents. Contact us today and get a quote on your funeral insurance policy with Metropolitan today.

We offer more than a funeral cover, we also provide the following unique benefits:

Funeral Benefit

Clients get a lump sum paid out to them in the event of death (this would be paid to your beneficiary) to use in regards to arranging and paying for funeral arrangements.

Premium Holiday

We give our clients a little leeway, so if you want to take one month off after a year of paying premiums, you can skip a month! This can occur 6 times over the life term of your funeral policy.

Children Benefit

You can cover your children under your one policy, and they will be covered for life, no matter how old they are.

Continuation Benefit

When the main member of the policy dies, the funeral plan for the remaining beneficiaries will be paid in full, and will continue for the duration of term for the members on the plan.

At Metropolitan, we believe you always deserve a little more than what you put in. we care about put clients, and during the time of grief, we want to make life a little easier, with no financial stress or funeral arrangements to worry about.

Important Details and Benefits:

  • Pay-outs on your funeral plans ranging from R5,000 to R50,000
  • No invasive medical examinations / no blood tests
  • Guaranteed Acceptance for all South Africans
  • Fast pay-out with a turnaround time of only 48 hours 
  • You can cover up to 9 family members under you cover option
  • We pay immediately for accidental death
  • We provide you with shopping benefits
  • We reward you for not claiming after five years with an incredible cash back bonus
  • We pay up your families premiums in full should the main member pass away
  • Your get an added benefit for a tombstone
  • We can cover you and your spouse and children under one policy and one premium
  • Premiums are affordable starting from R37 per month

 Contact Details

10 De Korte St, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa
Ph: 011 381 2000

 Postal Address

P.O. Box 2212, Bellville, Cape Town, 7535, South Africa