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About – ALL LIFE Insurance

All Life Insurance in South Africa, just stepped it up, with an innovative approach to helping clients living with HIV improve their lives. Where other firms turn clients down because of their HIV status, All Life, will assist.

More than just Insurance

We offer affordable HIV life insurance solutions and services with a number of choices for clients to choose from.

By keeping our HIV positive clients updated on their health regimes, we offer a quality of life for you as well as an insurance cover.

We are unique, and so are our services.

With the experience and the passion for helping people, we insure clients who are often labelled as uninsured. We are not new to the industry.

We established our firm in 2004 with the aim and mission to provide a service to clients which offered over and above insurance cover.

We have successfully implemented this solution to our clients with committed staff on our team, and innovative processes.

Experience and Dedication

Since opening our doors, we have assisted thousands of clients in a better quality of life, guiding them through the road they journey along, and assisting with health and insurance solutions that are specifically designed for them.

We have overseen the pay-outs of millions in insurance cover to families which have relied on our services.

Services – ALL LIFE Insurance

All Life Insurance offers Life Insurance for HIV clients, as a world class leader of insurance providers in South Africa.

All Life Insurance are proud to be a trailblazer in the insurance industry, a first in the market to assist HIV clients with a cover to help them live a better life, and still have cover in place to help them and their families financially.

Affordable Cover

Our products are affordable from as little as R130 per month and cover you up to an amount of R10 million.

We not only cover your life in the event of your death, but offer a disability cover should you be too ill to work and earn a salary to support your family.

No Waiting Period

Another benefit of our life cover is that there is no waiting period; we cover you from day one. Having an illness which is destined to bring you to the end of your life, can be very traumatic.

Preparing for the end is a wise choice, especially when you have a family to consider.

A Large Death Benefit Pay-Out

With one of the largest death benefit pay outs, All Life's HIV life cover can bring financial relief to your family.

Application for life or disability cover is immediate, with no paperwork, no small print, and no hidden agenda. We truly do care about your well-being, and that of your family. 

Summary of Services

  • Being Hiv Positive 
  • Hiv Insurance Cover 
  • Hiv Life Insurance

All Life Insurance covers clients living with HIV

All Life in South Africa is about investing financially in our client’s lives. We provide services and product options that are in line with specification of specific needs, age, family size and your budget.

Offering you a Way Forward

We value our ability to service clients with the products they need. And when it comes to life assurance, our clients need an investment that covers their future from the very beginning with an outcome at the end that is profitable and worth it.

All Life Assurance gives South Africans a strategy to invest in their future. By providing clients in the country a customised product to fit your lifestyle and price range, we need to take all your factors into consideration to provide something that works for you.

Our Online Platform

To get an insurance quote, clients can make use of our online platform, which provides you with a convenient online quoting platform. Clients can complete their details into the areas provided, and send directly to us, where an experienced consultant will provide you with a quote according to your needs.

We Value your Opinion

We value your comments and your suggestions, so we encourage clients to let us know what they think of our service, and where we need to improve on our services. Everyone has a different lifestyle, a different need and so we take this into account when designing the perfect cover that suits you best.

Quick and Easy Approval

By making our processes easy through online platforms, clients get their policies quicker and safely. We do also have experts in the background, with a team of insurance and assurance experts on hand at any time; you can contact us if you need assistance through your application process.

We understand the industry with years of providing clients with their life assurance needs. We are approachable and happy to assist you with whatever you need to ensure you are satisfied with the cover you receive.

With three main categories aligned to insurance products we offer clients:

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Loan Protection Insurance
  • Term Insurance

Planning ahead is never to early or too late, but doing it is important. The cost of living being the way it is, imagine it 20 years from now. Would you be able to afford to live without having cover in place? Contact All Life and get your HIV life policy in place today.

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25 Ameshoff St, Johannesburg 2017, South Africa
Ph: 011 881 5295
Fx: 0866 126 595

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