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About – JE Financial Consulting

JE Financial Consulting has over three decades of experience in helping clients invest in their futures. With life insurance options that will have you spoilt for choice, as well as life cover for those living with HIV.

A Strong National Infrastructure

With our local expertise you will be further supported by a strong national infrastructure and our commitment to best practice at every level.

In addition to providing a comprehensive service, we will help you identify additional value-added services and savings opportunities, whilst ensuring a high quality service to you and your family.

Dynamic and Sustainable

JE Financial Consulting are proud to be providing a dynamic and sustainable solution for all South African clients, needing support, through a reputable firm who cares about your wellbeing.

We are sincere in our commitment to working as a life partner to our clients and look forward to having further discussion around our HIV life cover services and related products.

We have empathy and deliver:

  • A commitment to service excellence.
  • Strong culture of passion for sustainability. 
  • A passion for innovation.

Services – JE Financial Consulting

JE Financial Consulting offer clients in South Africa a wide choice of life assurance and insurance options. We work with you to establish and achieve realistic goals while continuously looking for ways to improve our service delivery while offering our clients the best life cover solution for their needs.

We offer clients the benefits of:

  • Lowest premiums - affordable options
  • A well-established company - experienced staff
  • No invasive medicals – we cover clients with HIV
  • Fast pay-outs – no waiting periods
  • Disability cover – funeral cover

Cover from just R24 per Month

Clients can benefit from Union Life Cover from as little as R24 per month which is affordable to any budget. By making the choice to get covered now, increases the financial support they will get later down the line.

Increase your Cover

Should you wish to increase your HIV insurance cover, we have alternate options between R44 upwards, which entitles the main member to cover their spouse and children as wellbeing prepared for any life event can impact the lives of your family long term.

Summary of Services

  • Hiv Life Insurance 
  • Being Hiv Positive
  • Hiv Insurance Cover

JE Financial Consulting - Positive Life Insurance Cover

JE Financial Consulting  know every client is different. Our life cover solutions are designed to work with your own uniqueness as an individual, using our experience and ethical practice as the forefront of our service delivery.

We will work with you to identify realistic life cover options, while sharing and addressing any challenges, together. Life insurance no longer has to be a dreaded task, we have made it easy to obtain, and easy to afford.

Financial Support when it Matters Most

No one should be left without any financial support in the event of a family member’s death. One reason that clients get life insurance cover is for the financial protection of their family’s future.

If you are the breadwinner in the family, you know how much your family depend on your financially to get by. Often we are unaware of how much we actually provide, such as the payment on your home, car, schooling and those credit card bills every month.

What if you were to die tomorrow?

How would your family keep the roof over their heads, and still afford to live without the financial assistance of your income? We offer our clients two kinds of insurance options. We have a term life insurance that gives our clients cover over a specific time period.

The pay-out will be determined when you reach a certain time frame, or upon death and is a more affordable option, and pays out less than a life insurance cover.

Long Term Life Insurance

We also offer long term life insurance, which pays out in the event of your death, but you keep paying the premiums until this day. This pays a larger lump sum to your beneficiary, to cover those debts that have accumulated over the years.

What makes our life cover options so unique is that we offer our cover to clients living with HIV. Get HIV life cover today, and carry on living the life you have without worrying about your finances in the future.

How much will it Cost?

The cost of our cover options is determined on the age you were at when you take the cover out, your family size and how many people you wish to cover, and what you are willing to pay for in premiums per month, depending on the added benefits you want included.

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Ph: 012 332 2770

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