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About – HIV, firmly believe that all clients, including those with HIV, deserve the option of getting life cover. No matter what your disability may be, we have the right cover to help you financially, to get the support you and your family need, long term.

We Offer Solutions

It’s a fact that HIV positive patients do live a long productive life, so why shouldn’t they get the same life cover as any person without HIV?

We can provide HIV life cover, ensuring that in the event of your death, your family have the financial stability to carry on without the extra income you were once bringing in.

Disability Cover

We also provide disability cover, should you become unable to work and unable to provide financial assistance in your home. Our pay-outs will definitely help you to provide for your families.

Clients living with HIV often need special criteria in order to get approved for any kind of life insurance.

Sourcing Cover with Passion

Often having to jump through hoops and prove they have credibility to get covered, can be just as traumatic as the actual prognosis.,za, have extensive experience in sourcing the right insurance provider to cover you when you need it. 

Services – HIV

HIV Life Insurance in South Africa assists clients in the country living with HIV.

These clients often need to know that there are insurance companies out there who are able to assist with life cover, even with a disability or illness.

Disregarding the Norms

No matter what your health status may be, there should be no one left out of the equation when it comes to HIV life insurance.

Many insurance companies do not offer illness cover, and require a clean bill of health to qualify for life cover insurance policies.

Cover that Suits your Lifestyle assist clients living with HIV to source the best product from a range of service providers who offer easy to access life insurance cover for everyone.

We will provide you with insurance quotes online and options that suit your budget and your lifestyle.

Peace of Mind you Deserve

Leaving people behind when you gone can be quite a depressing thought, especially if they depend on you financially.

At the time of your death, knowing that there is a firm who will cover them financially is reassuring for clients living with an illness. 

Summary of Services

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  • Being Hiv Positive
  • Hiv Insurance Cover life cover - it just makes perfect sense.

HIV can provide you with the resources and the HIV insurance cover you need, when no one else will.

We not only provide the most cost effective life cover solutions, we also provide cover to everyone in South Africa, even those living with HIV.

We have partnered with hundreds of preferred vendors in order to change the way insurance companies align themselves in what the importance is of a better way of life for their clients.

Dreaded Illness Cover

Should you become unable to work because of dreaded illness, we have options to cover you through a portion of your life insurance cover.

We have structured our insurance program specifically around clients who need life insurance when they have HIV.

We provide not only the cover you need to keep your family financially secure when you pass away, but we also provide the healthcare information and assistance you need to carry on living, with the assistance from the relevant experts.

Assistance when you can no Longer Work

We will provide the information you need to ensure you get the correct treatment, and keep you updated on new and improved treatments available and where to access them.

When you get to the stage when you are unable to carry on working, due to HIV, we deliver disability cover, which pays out a portion of your life insurance, to assist you financially while you are still here.

Medical Costs - Covered

Because HIV treatment is expensive, not only the ARV’s but the doctor and specialist check-ups, which occur on a regular basis, this cover can also be used towards covering these costs.

Clients throughout South Africa can get the service from HIV professionals, who are empathetic to your needs, and care about your well-being.

Taking Care of your Loved Ones when you No Longer Can

We know that your family is important to you, and the fear of what will happen to them financially in the event of your death, is a frightening thought.

Let us take the fear away, and contact us directly via our website, to start applying for the life cover that will help you with the future of your family.

Get life insurance, dreaded illness cover and complimentary funeral insurance through today and carry on living a fulfilled life, let us worry about the future.

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