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About Dial Direct

Dial Direct provides South Africans with alternative and more affordable insurance cover options.

They are about making life tranquil, and more budget-friendly. They understand the challenging needs and costs implicated in day-to-day life. It is not effortless, but they still permit their clients the option of full cover at premiums they can pay for every time.

Affordable Mortgage cover 

They can provide their clients with direct insurance cover options, which are affordable, and easily obtainable through the company’s innovative methods. They are there for you, at any time, to answer questions and assist you through every process of your application or claiming process.

They strive to be unique

At Dial Direct they aim to be diverse and to stand out in the industry, by adding significance to your service and products. To them, the client is a priority, and they are committed to their clients from beginning to end.

Dial Direct Services

Dial Direct insures everything.

They make insurance basic and affordable. They are all you need and more when it comes to insuring what is important to you whether it is home content or car insurance. When you have a home loan that is costing you more than you can pay, the last thing you need is to lose your home and still be left with unpaid premiums.

Be prepared for anything with dial direct

Should something awful happen to you, they make sure you are covered so that you can keep your home, and not worry about the premiums. The benefits they can add to your mortgage cover insurance will allow you to customize your solution according to your specific needs. This will work around the worth of your home, your age and lifestyle, your health, and your possessions (within your home). 

They don't exclude anything

They take everything into account, ensuring that they don’t miss anything of value to you. Dial Direct cares about you and your family, let them cover you when you need it most.

Dial Direct – Home Loan Insurance

  • Product Home Loan Insurance
  • Bond requirements
    Many institutions require a life insurance policy to be ceded to them when taking out a bond to pay for your new home. Get life insurance from Dial Direct to cover your bond
  • Online Process
    You can get your quotation online and buy your cover from the comfort of your home
  • Added benefits
    You can add cover for critical illness and dread disease to your life cover to make sure you are fully covered.

Benefits of Dial Direct

  • 75% in savings on car insurance premiums - get up to 75% back in car insurance premiums for driving well and insuring correctly. 
  • Home contents insurance - going hand in hand with you building insurance, cover for the structures on your property, is your home contents insurance. This allows you to insure all of the items inside your home. 
  • Dial direct App - with the Dial Direct app you can order a tow truck as soon as you break down. This will give you peace of mind that you will have help when needed most. 
  • Manage your insurance - you can log into your portal on the website and add insurances or track claims 24/7

Dial Direct Provides an Easy Way to Protect your Home

Dial Direct makes insuring your mortgage easier than ever before, especially if you have no life assurance or credit life cover in place.

It can be very expensive to live well and still pay a mortgage. Choose a cover that protects you and your home for life.

Make a claim

You can present a claim by calling their claims department or you can display your claim through their website. It is so easy and convenient to communicate and get things done with Dial Direct.

In situations where you need to claim, and you are worried about your cashback bonus, they will provide fully detailed communication regarding when you are eligible for your cashback bonus. Also, when you would receive this bonus when you claim.

With Dial Direct, insurance is easy-going, with simple yet effective processes. All their services are run through an online platform. Allowing you to obtain a quick online insurance quote and guidance when you need it.

Your Mortgage insurance premiums entail

Various things are taken into consideration when determining your premium amounts and payments. Their arrangements are payable month to month, and you pay for cover a month ahead of time. Your specific mortgage protection premiums will be calculated in line with the loan amount owing on your home and worked out according to a few factors.

What your age is, where you live and what you earn monthly. They will then come to a figure that is affordable and covers the main risk areas that could occur, such as death, serious illness, retrenchment, or disability.

Mortgage insurance protects you

If you are the policyholder, and you become seriously ill, and can no longer work or earn a salary to afford your premiums, they will take over your premiums for a certain amount of time till you can work again.

If you do not get better, and your illness becomes worse, or even terminal, they will settle your home mortgage. This will allow your family to still own the house and have a safe living space, in the long term. In the event of permanent disability and death, the same is applicable.

Your house is safe

Should you be retrenched, they will take over your premiums for a certain period, until you are back in the working routine, and able to afford your repayments on your home loan insurance.

Dial Direct is responsible and flexible with its insurance cover, making sure you and your family never get left with the stress of financial burdens during the underlying risk factors. They also offer home contents insurance and other forms of coverage to protect you and your family financially. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2021

Dial Direct has the best Mortgage Cover Insurance to offer. They are truly unique and their way of approach makes applying with them so much more convenient.

Jeremy. K
— Midrand —

October 2021

We all need a little help sometimes, someone to depend on. When I was about to forfeit my house, Dial Direct stepped in and came to my rescue.

Christiaan. M
— Sandton —

October 2021

Outstanding client and product services. A Mortgage Cover Insurance I will tell my family about.

Siviwe. O
— Kagiso —

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