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About Discovery

Discovery is a shared value insurance company offering personal and business insurance cover.

Their unique approach to personal cover encourages people to lead healthy lifestyles by offering various incentives within their plans for ‘living well.’
These incentives include discounts, cash backs, and discovery miles among others.

Discovery came into the market in 1992 and launched as Discovery Limited but soon grew to include an innovative medical savings service that helped their clients keep track of their daily spending. Today Discovery has well over 5 million clients and commands multiple industries with service offerings in medical aid, banking, life insurance, investments, car, household insurance, and more. The organization operates across 3 primary markets, namely: health, life, and investment.

Comprehensive service range at Discovery.

Discovery operates in a host of personal cover categories making it a convenient one-stop shop for personal and business cover. They are the largest open medical aid scheme in South Africa, accounting for 31% of the entire market. But they also have car and home contents insurance, gap cover, life insurance, and more. With a global impact of over 25 million people, the organization has earned their credibility and have fast become one of the most revered and trusted names in business and personal cover, owing largely to the variety and flexibility of their plans and service offerings.

Discovery Services

Discovery is South Africa’s leading medical scheme administrator.

They attribute their growth and success to their fully integrated health care system centred on a deep set of values that enable them to meet the full spectrum of their clients' needs. Their medical aid schemes go way beyond simple medical administration and management. They pride themselves in offering innovative solutions to their clients through their state-of-the-art medical schemes.

They list the factors that set them apart from other organizations as follows:

  • Ongoing product innovation
  • Service excellence
  • Excellent claims risk and fraud management
  • Coordination and management of the quality of clinical services accessed by their clients.
  • World-class research and development capabilities at every point in the medical scheme product cycle.

They also offer gap cover which helps their clients protect themselves and their families financially in the case of unexpected medical costs. With the introduction of prepaid health care vouchers from Discovery, you can access private health care at competitive rates and redeem your voucher at any GP within the Discovery health prepaid network.

Discovery – Home Loan Insurance

  • Product Home Loan Insurance
  • Find you perfect life cover
    With Discovery you can fill in their online form and they will quote you on the life cover that best suits your lifestyle and your needs
  • Protect your family
    Make sure you family is protected and have a safe place to live after you are gone by getting life cover from Discovery that will payout the outstanding amount on your bond.
  • Added benefits
    Add funeral cover to your life insurance, that will pay out a lump sum to help pay for all the expenses.

Benefits of Discovery

  • Medical Aid - Discovery is the name you think when you think of medical aids in South Africa. They are one of the leading medical aid providers in SA with years of experience in offering the best service at the best premiums. 
  • Gap Cover can be added to your medical aid. You can get covered from as little as R109 a month. This insurance can supplement or extend the plans you already have in place at an affordable rate. 
  • Car and Home Insurance - Comprehensive car and home insurances that rewards you for driving well and being responsible. 
  • Vitality Rewards - Discovery is a leader in offering rewards to its clients in every way possible. 

Get a quote with Discovery today

Owning your own home is an exciting chapter of life and is an achievement much work towards for much of their adult lives.

Owning property is a big responsibility, maintaining it and more importantly protecting it are important factors to consider. It can be daunting to think of what may or may not happen. Once we understand the magnitude of the responsibility and the value of all the work and money that goes into becoming a homeowner, comprehensive household insurance and home contents insurance should be the next natural decision in your thought process.

Discovery offers a detailed home and car insurance package which includes liability cover, wear and tear, damage and theft cover. All of which can be tailored to suit your unique requirements.

Life, car and Home insurance

Discovery life comprises multiple offerings which include life insurance, education protection, funeral plans, life cover for you and your family, and estate planning. These products are designed and included to cover the full range of possible life-changing events that could threaten you and your families financial security and quality of life.

Their education protector fund is a great way to secure your child’s future. Come what may, your child will be able to receive the best education from creche to college in the event of death, serious illness or disability. A funeral cover can give your family the opportunity to mourn without having the burden of funeral expenses creating an extra layer of pain and stress.

Car and home insurance from Discovery also includes a host of useful features tailored to suit your lifestyle. Discovery has created car and home insurance plans that are both innovative and comprehensive to ensure you are fully covered. Their plans come with various service features, rewards, and benefits that are designed with the purpose of helping you live better.

How to get a quote

Their application process is straightforward and convenient in that you simply have to provide your details on the platform which is designed using advanced technology. The system will record your data and assign a skilled professional to get back to you and assist you every step of the way until you are suitably covered. Information and quotes are easily accessible so you don't have to wonder and ask how much home insurance costs, you can have all the necessary information sent straight to you.

Insure with discovery

With Discovery, you are rewarded for making responsible decisions and they have created a rewards structure that comes in handy at the best of times. When you least expect a discount on your next fill at the garage or when you get access to nifty safety features, it makes it worth it to be with an insurer that acknowledges good lifestyle choices. Their accolades, awards and testimonials also speak volumes and are a testament to the organisation's leading position in the insurance market.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2021

Having a home is both satisfying and stressful at the same time but discovery is here to relief you from that stress with their amazing cover.

Sharron H
— Carletonville —

September 2020

Thank you discovery for having my back when this whole epidemic started I sleep sound at night knowing I wont lose my house if something had to happen.

Tinus K
— Gauteng —

July 2021

As a young property owner I feel it was a smart getting mortgage cover by discovery as anything can happen anytime.

Abigail R
— Vanderbijlpark —

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