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About Lion of Africa

Lion of Africa, a proudly South African life cover provider that is paving the way to innovative services across the country.

With a team of experienced staff on board, they have the expertise their clients need to feel comfortable with the life cover choices they make.

Life cover you can trust

Lion of Africa has been assisting clients with life cover services in South Africa since 2002 and has vast experience in the insurance and financial sector. They know what their clients need and what they want. With a better late than never attitude, they will provide the option that will keep on giving, in the event of your death.

Supporting your family with Life cover

Your family will be supported financially on a long-term basis, ensuring they never go without the financial assistance they were counting on when you were around.

Lion of Africa life cover options includes a funeral policy, which is a unique option, to help their clients with the most unthinkable task of having to plan the funeral of their loved one. This can be an expensive task and is all-inclusive in your monthly premiums.

Lion of Africa Services

Life insurance and life cover services just got more affordable and offer better value through Lion of Africa Life Cover in South Africa.

They offer the most innovative life cover services that will ensure you and your family receive the most out of their services.

Their Easy Life cover options include:

  • No invasive medical tests for a cover of R300k, this option covers anyone
  • 10% paid immediately to cater for funeral expenses in the event of your death
  • Convenient, value for money life cover
  • Optional Accidental Hospital Cover paid out in Cash
  • Optional R1000 Annual Cash Back reward benefits
  • Covers natural and accidental death cover for their clients

Here for them when you no longer are

Thinking ahead can be a scary thing, and they often put off these choices, not accepting the reality of our future. By facing this fear head-on, and being proactive about the future of you and your family, can be the result of either being financially secure or not being able to live because of the absence of the breadwinner in the house.

Lion of Africa – Life insurance

  • Product Life insurance
  • They Help With The Funeral
    In case of death they pay out 10% of your life cover immediately to help pay for the funeral expenses so that your family don't need to stress.
  • Get Your Spouse Covered
    When you take out life cover and you add your spouse to your premium they get additional funeral cover as well.
  • No Medicals Needed
    Lion of Africa don't ask you to go waste your time going for medicals and all that unnecessary long line they cover you without it immediately.

Benefits of Lion of Africa

  • Great Funeral Plans - They have the funeral plan you need to give you the respectful funeral you deserve and if you want to add family so they can also get a beautiful funeral to feel free to contact them to add them to your cover.
  • No Ridiculous Prices - They don't ask you for an arm and a leg to get you covered they have affordable prices because they know how expensive life is already and stressing about expensive covers is something they take care of.
  • Cash Back On Your Premiums - When you are insured by them and you stay claim free for a certain time period they pay you back a % of what you have paid towards your premium. This is a great benefit when you want to spoil the family with a vacation.

Life insurance you can trust

Lion of Africa is a medium-sized financial services company in South Africa, with a big heart. They care for their clients and tailor their solutions to ensure they receive the best possible outcomes in the investment of their financial future.

Life cover with flexibility and speed

Lion of Africa life cover and life insurance options offer clients flexibility and fast turnaround times. No medical examinations are necessary for their R300K payout options, which are available to anyone looking for a little life cover on their life.

Your family depends on you to think of them in the event of your death.

Affordable Life cover premiums

Get affordable monthly premiums with all the benefits. Think of your family now, and be prepared for the worst. They offer the convenience of getting your life insurance and life cover in order, through a simple process, by contacting one of their experienced consultants who will run through the entire policy with you.

The Lion of Africa brand has come a long way

They reflect on innovation, technical knowledge, service excellence, empowerment, and their truly South African spirit into the services they provide to clients in the country. Lion of Africa company identification is a critical part of who they are and it is applicable to the communities in which they do business.

They believe in the true meaning of working as a team in order to provide a service delivery that means something. They offer an easy life cover that will set you apart financially at the end of the day, with a range of benefits.

Benefit from:

  • There are not any clinical or blood assessments for policies up to 300k
  • 10% of the policy is paid without delay to cater for funeral fees
  • Convenience and value for every client guaranteed
  • Optional accidental hospital benefits
  • Optional R1000 annual cashback benefit
  • Covers natural and unintended/unnatural demise
  • Entry age of 18 to 55 years
  • Get a quick insurance quote online

What makes Lion of Africa different

  • One source for all your life cover requirements
  • Benefit and premium comparisons
  • Unbiased professional guidelines
  • Easy insurance process with assured effects
  • Lion of Africa vision: To be one of the most recognized insurance providers in the country
  • Lion of Africa undertaking: To offer smart solutions at affordable rates and premiums to their clients

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

I got my life cover without the hassle of going for medicals. Just the option I was looking for.

Jenny. K
— Cape Town —

May 2021

My family is looked after if something might happen to me with the life cover I have from Lion of Africa.

Sam. M
— Cape Town —

September 2021

To get affordable life cover can be very hard to find. Good price and I can easily afford the premiums.

Lennard. V
— Johannesburg —

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