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About Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian Direct has changed the lives of thousands of South African clients, with life insurance products that will change your life.

When they established their firm in 2009, they had no idea their company would grow to the size it is today.

A passion for helping people

With affordable services and a passion for helping people, their firm has grown tremendously, and their client log has become a pronounced success, not only in numbers but in the overall success of what their clients get out of their services.

Comprehensive Life cover you can trust

Through integrity, honesty, and a transparent work ethic, they provide a comprehensive financial solution that ensures their clients are covered throughout life’s journey till the very end.

Prime Meridian believes there is more to life cover than material assets. They believe your and your family's lives are just as viable to be covered.

Your family is financially supported

This is why Prime Meridian has innovated a life insurance product for your convenience! They have an unusual degree of consistency in culture, process, and commitment to service throughout their organization.

Prime Meridian Services

Life Cover in South Africa can really send you up and down through paths of up hills. At Prime Meridian, they take the hassle out of selecting the ideal provider for life insurance.

Get the right Life insurance policy today

Getting the right life cover policy relies on basic criteria if you want to save along the way. It’s never too soon or too late to take out a policy. The sooner you start paying, the better your life insurance plan will be, and the lower your premiums will add up to each month.

The more information the better

When applying for cover, the more information and details you can provide the better. Being honest about your health status will alleviate any long-term problems should your life insurance have to payout.

Any unmentioned illness or health problems that may come up along the way, could cause a problem in payouts in the future. The amount of life insurance you need is usually ten times your income.

This will comfortably ensure your family is well taken care of in the event of your death. A life insurance plan doesn’t have to break your bank or your budget. Prime Meridian offers low-premium life insurance which is affordable to all clients.

Prime Meridian – Life insurance

  • Product Life insurance
  • The Right Premium For You
    They have specialist that cater to your needs and they help you get the cover that need for your life and assets, they also cut out the unnecessary cost and things you do not need so you also save with them.

Benefits of Prime Meridian

  • Fixed Premiums guaranteed - When you insure with them you don't have to worry about costs that keep on going up every month we have a fixed premium pay plan. 
  • Want Cheap But Good Insurance - Then they are for you. They have unbeatable prices that get you the cover you need in your life.

Get life cover from a reputable insurance provider

Your life cover grows each month with rewarding investment interests and from 36 months of paying into your life cover, you are fully covered.

Prime Meridian is approachable and helpful to all clients looking for insurance quotes and information on insurance options that will work for you, and your family.

Prime Meridian life insurance options cover clients in the event of any unfortunate occurrences.

They offer the following:

  • Death benefits
  • Permanent disability cover
  • Terminal illness cover
  • And more

Enjoy fixed premiums on your Life cover

What makes their products so unique is that the premiums stay fixed for the duration of the term. This is their guarantee to their clients. Prime Meridian offers families a living cover growth option, where you will receive insurance protection should the main member of the policy pass away.

Benefits of Prime Meridian's Life insurance include:

  • Growing cover that continues in the event of accidental death, illness, or other natural causes.
  • Growing cover that pays a portion to you while you are still alive in the event of permanent disability due to an accident or illness.
  • Growing cover payment upon diagnosis of a terminal illness.
  • They don’t ask you to take any blood tests or invasive medical examinations when applying for cover.
  • Pre-existing illnesses can also be covered, after 36 months of implementation of your policy.
  • Your premium will depend on determining factors, including your age, pre-existing illness, family size, and a few minor details. Premiums are deducted via debit order on a monthly basis, to ensure you never fault on your payments.
  • Prime Meridian covers all South African residents, within any income bracket. You can access your life insurance application online and get your claim processed within 48 hours of submission.

A reputable firm you can trust

Prime Meridian are insurance experts, providing all South Africans with the opportunity to take care of their future financial means, with simple and affordable life insurance.

They offer a range of services in line with their client’s budgetary needs, allowing all customers looking for value for money, the best options when it comes to investing wisely.

World-class Life cover

Prime Meridian is big enough to provide a world-class life insurance program and the very best and negotiating clout, yet they are small enough to know you intimately. This allows them to provide the flexibility to customize your life insurance solution according to your needs.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

My choice to go with Prime Meridian was the right one. I was in an accident and can no longer do my work. They paid out and my life can go on.

Danny. Z
— Johannesburg —

June 2021

My wife passed away, the claim was sorted in the fastest time. Had the money to give her the best funeral and paid all the debts.

Moses. L
— Johannesburg —

September 2021

Good service and advice for my life cover. Happy to be a customer and my family is covered.

Andy. W
— Pretoria —

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  • Prime Meridian House, Bryanston Gate, 170 Curzon Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg Gauteng 2021 South Africa
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  • Postnet Suite 430, Private Bag X51, Bryanston, , Johannesburg, 2021, South Africa

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