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About – MiWay

MiWay Life takes a look at life from a client’s perspective, and works on creating insurance services and products to adapt to what you need and want.

By being accountable for our service offerings, we don’t just promise you a good service, we apply our services through our values.

An Energetic Team

Our team have a vibrant attitude and love for what they do. They are rewarded through excellence and results in what is achieved through the complete satisfaction of their clients.

We have a diverse culture of very talented employees across the board at MiWayLife, and each member provides important knowledge and experience which makes up our firm.

We Encourage, Develop and Mentor 

We encourage, develop and mentor our team members to ensure the best outcomes for our clients at the end of the day. Happy employee’s equals happy clients, as we believe that having the passion for what you do, will help you embrace the needs of your clients on a higher level.

Take Care of what Matters

Our energetic enthusiasm is carried through from the very top right down to every level of MiWay Life. Clients in South Africa, who choose us as their insurance partner, will experience the difference for themselves.

Get the life insurance cover you need, to cover your family in times of financial need. In the event of serious illness or disability or even death, MiWayLife have the insurance cover benefits to ensure everyone is taken care of.

Services – MiWay

Life with funeral cover with the best benefits and the best customer care available at MiWayLife in South Africa. We believe in our products and we offer you the real deal.

Through transparent services we provide options to cover your loved ones and the people who rely on you for financial support.

Expect the Unexpected

The truth of life is that the unexpected can happen. You can undergo a serious illness or become disabled, or even in the event of your death, we can cover your life to make sure your loved ones are still able to cover the costs involved in everyday living.

Thinking Ahead

The best choice you can make for your family and yourself is to think of the future. What happens next in life is not always predictable. By thinking ahead, we have come up with life cover solutions which are proactive and easy to obtain.

Get Covered Today

We care about our South African clients; that are why our products are specially designed with you in mind. Our 4-in-1 policy provides funeral cover, life cover and the option of covering extended family members.

We have included provisional living benefits should you become terminally ill, which is a portion of the life insurance which will help you financially until you pass away.

The balance of the life insurance is paid out upon your death. Get your life covered today, call us and get a hassle free quote. We are here to make life a little easier financially now and long term.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance

MiWayLife Insurance Cover - Thinking Ahead

MiWay Life insurance is a beneficial and financial saving grace that you and your family cannot live without.

We make getting covered a breeze.

With no invasive medical examinations, no paperwork and no waiting weeks to get an appointment or get an insurance quote online.

All our applications are processed online, through efficiently designed innovative online platforms. We are all about making the most important decisions in your life simple.

The MiWay Benefits:

  • We provide our clients with the flexibility to change and amend their life insurance policy whenever they like, to keep it updated at all times
  • Our processes are quick, simple and easy to complete, the whole process takes no longer than 10 minutes of your time- and you are covered!
  • We not only cover you in the event of death, but also provide a portion of your policy paid out to you in the case of disability or critical illness
  • Our applications don’t require any medical examinations or blood tests
  • You life insurance comes with an all-inclusive funeral policy, so you don’t have to spend any extra money on getting the funeral you deserve
  • Our life insurance is easy, simple and practical, with no hidden fine print – we are completely transparent
  • You can cover up to 21 members on your one policy
  • You can cover your immediate family members as well as nieces, nephews, parents and in-laws under you one policy

Submitting a Claim:

In the event that you you’re your beneficiary need to claim for your death or disability, we have made the entire process as simple as the rest of our services.

We may require documentation to be attached to your claim, such as a death certificate or letter stating that you can no longer work due to disability or serious illness.

In the event of death the following steps apply:

  • Complete the MiWayLife claim form available on the website, all you need to do is click on the form and download.
  • Attach a certified copy of the Death Certificate to your completed claim form
  • Attach a completed DHA-1663 form to your claim
  • Attach a certified copy of the ID of the main member of the policy
  • Attach three latest bank statements of the policy holder and or beneficiary

 Contact Details

48 Sterling Rd, Kosmosdal, Centurion, Johannesburg, 0159, South Africa
Ph: 0860 646 464
Em: sales@life.miway.co.za

 Postal Address

Postnet suite 409 Private Bag X30500, Houghton, 2041, South Africa

 Opening Hours

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