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About – FRANK.NET offer an exclusive range of term care life insurance options for clients in and around South Africa. provides all the online capabilities to our clients when they need the professional services from an insurance provider.

Long Term Care Insurance with a Difference

We offer long term care insurance cover when it comes to death, serious illness, disability and more.

Your family will have the peace of mind that has their best interests at heart, with our secure platforms, and easily affordable premiums.

Cover for the Whole Family

You can cover the entire family, and have as many beneficiaries as you please under a single life cover policy. We all about making processes easier for times that are tough.

Protecting your Financial Future

When you partner with us and get the right term life insurance, your financial future is protected, and you can sit back and enjoy life as you now it.

Let Frank take care of the stress and the worries, while you enjoy the time you have - living!

Services – FRANK.NET insures your life for those times when your family depends on you. With service offerings ranging in a vast diversity of options, our clients always receive the best outcomes after a traumatic event.

Getting long term care cover is simple with all our processes working through an online environment. You can get your application completed and in place in minimal time periods, and no paperwork!

Our Services Include but are not Limited to:

  • Cover for groups
  • Cover for individuals
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Long term insurance

Providing the Service you Deserve

We provide the customer service you deserve, with a team of experienced and qualified insurance experts at the other end of our call centre at any time you need them.

We understand the industry, and continuously keep abreast new and better health cover, life insurance and asset products, which we deliver to our clients through an on-going process of updates and communication.

You know you have the right insurance partner with We take your life seriously, even when you no longer here.

Summary of Services

  • Cover For Groups
  • Cover For Individuals 
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance 
  • Long Term Insurance, your Online Long Term Insurance Provider offers a term life insurance policy to assist with all major traumatic time in your life.

Our life cover options protect you and your families financially in case of your death, making sure that the bills you paid for are covered in order to keep your family afloat.

Available Policy Enhancements

We also offer policy enhancements which address situations which occur when you endure a major illness, and you can no longer obtain an income. You can get an online insurance quote with us at any time of the day or night.

A serious illness can occur at any time, in the rime of your life, and being prepared for something like this isn’t always the case.

Policy Benefits that Take Charge

Our inclusive policy benefits take charge and take over the financial aspect of situations which are out of our hands.

Illness can be a drastic and stressful part of life, and clients who are covered for this, will be able to receive a portion of their long term care insurance policy during the time that they aren’t able to earn a salary.

Financial Support for your Family 

With bills to pay, mortgage and schooling, your family depend on your salary to get by each month.

Although financial assistance from your policy won’t be able to take away your illness, you will still have the peace of mind that your family are financially supported.

Should you pass away due to your illness, your family will still receive the balance of the policy, paid out to your beneficiary to cover funeral costs, and to cover the debts left behind on your loans, credit cards and home loan.

Our term care insurance policies provide clients with:

  • A tax free life insurance pay out of a maximum of R10 million to keep your family financially secure in your absence.
  • You can have as many beneficiaries as you like, you can allocate percentages of your pay out accordingly.
  • All applications and claims are processed online, which means no stressful paperwork and time consuming appointments. We also don’t expect any medical examinations to secure your policy.

Straightforward, Transparent Service Delivery

With a customised approach to fulfilling your needs, your financial future will be secured and your family will not have the financial burdens left behind to take care of.

 Contact Details

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Ph: 011 558 4300
Fx: (021) 465 3920

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