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About – Health and Accident Group

Health and Accident Group are experienced underwriters in the South African insurance industry, with over 22 years of experience in creating the best all round long term care policies for our clients.

We Take Care of what most Overlook

We look at the reality of what could happen, and how to address these issues in the most beneficial way for our clients. With the harsh reality that we tend to overlook, we take care of those possibilities so our clients can carry on with their lives as they are.

We Take Initiative

We develop solutions with the medical care at the heart of our solutions, thinking ahead, and taking initiative to ensure we have all our bases covered in the event that our clients should undergo a horrific experience in life.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide a full long term care cover solution from application to medical treatment coordination, to claiming and pay out.

Everything you need from a well-balanced and experienced life cover provider, in one simple solution, and an affordable premium.

Services – Health and Accident Group

Health and Accident Group take a different approach to assisting clients in South Africa with their long term care insurance cover.  

Because we look at the medical side of what could happen, we cover not only the life term part of your insurance cover, but also look at the possibility of ones future, should you become disabled, seriously ill, and unable to work.

Medical Care for the Long Run

We look at the benefits our clients should redeem in line with getting medical treatment on a long term basis, as well as what the future holds for you financially.

We believe that by integrating the two areas, of insurance cover for life, as well as the medical insurance on your policy, our clients receive a full and complete term life cover solution.

Here for you Throughout your Life's Journey

We are there for our clients throughout their entire journey, assisting you and your family, to cope financially as well as emotionally.

We have everything covered, and keep an open line of communication with our clients through every step of the process.

Summary of Services

  • Cover For Individuals
  • Health Insurance 
  • Long Term Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Cover For Groups

Get the Long Term Care Insurance that Offers Comprehensive Cover

Health and Accident Group provide long term care insurance options for South Africans looking for a provider that they can count on, long term. Our easy applications and processes allow every client in the country to make use of this important cover option.

We Provide more than Cover

We look into the situations which could occur that would leave you without the ability to provide for your family.

In the event of your death, your spouse and children would receive a pay out to cover your funeral and the costs that were left behind, such as loans, credit cards, and other major debts.

But what if you became ill with sickness that required full time care, leaving you without the ability to work.

Who is covered through our long term care cover?

We cover anyone included in the policy who is permanently disabled or seriously ill and cannot earn a salary. The cover will provide financial support through a percentage of your life cover to carry you through those tough times.

We will provide a comprehensive terms and conditions document which will explain your specific cover conditions when your policy is approved. We are flexible with our arrangements, and depending on your age and the intensity of your condition, we will formulate your agreement accordingly.

Why is long term insurance cover so important?

Life is never guaranteed, you may think you are as healthy as ever, and don’t think of the “what if” scenario. 

However, an accident can happen in a heartbeat, and being prepared for this event can take care of the financial aspect of your illness or disability.

If your income was providing the security to cover the major costs of your lives, you can stress a little less, knowing that your choice to take cover will save you from losing your assets and know your debts are being covered.

Long Term Medical Care Cover

You may need extra medical cover to provide you with care at facilities that take care of you 24 hours a day, which can be extremely costly.

Your spouse may not be able to quit their job permanently to look after you, so staying in a facility where there is medical care could be your only choice.

These are also covered to a degree with your cover. Get an online insurance quote today and find out what it will take to secure your future and that of your family.

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