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About – Momentum

Momentum is South Africa’s known trusted firm in the financial world. We are committed in providing services to our clients that allow you to get more in return, as well as adding value to your lives.

Put your Trust in us

Our clients put their trust in us, and this goes for their home as well. We stand firm on our promise to deliver a quality in every step of our partnership and journey with every client.

Be it life insurance or medical cover or any other product or service we provide, we will create a user friendly and efficient platform throughout your service delivery.

We make things simple.

We don’t over complicate details. What you see is what you get. Plain and simple, we cover your needs, at an affordable rate, to make life less complicated in terms of your finances.

We offer an array of vale added services with our medical cover that our clients can benefit from and enjoy the value added to each option.

Services – Momentum

Momentum home insurance provides our clients, with the peace of mind that should anything happen to their health, we will provide the security and the financial means to recoup the money and reimburse the charges and bills paid to your health provider back to you.

A Range of High Value Options

We provide a variety of health insurance options, which will cover what suits you best. We make our process simple, to allow easy claiming steps so clients can get their pay out fast and efficiently.

Getting in Contact with us

We want you to be able to get on with life as normal, without the added stress of waiting too long to do so.

To get your application processed or get a medical cover quote, simply provide us with all the particulars by calling us, emailing us or even faxing us.

Whatever platform you choose, your claim will be actioned fast and in line with your policy choice – terms and conditions apply.

Summary of Services

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  • Life Insurance Quotes 
  • Hospital Cover Quotes
  • Health Insurance Quotes 
  • Medical Cover Quotes 
  • Legal Insurance Quotes 
  • Disability Cover Quotes

Momentum will get you and your Family Covered Quickly

Momentum offer hospital plans which can cover our clients up to R1 190 000 which can be used to cover your entire family should you need to be in hospital for a procedure or surgery.

We offer a list of preferred hospitals on our network list, which accept our health insurance plans. Our scheme also covers a specific amount which is stipulated in your policy, for day to day cover and doctor visits.

Pregnancy Benefits

We also offer an incredible and reliable pregnancy programme which includes scans, tests and prenatal care before having your baby. Your birth can be incorporated in your hospital plan.

There are so many options for our clients to choose from and we provide medical cover quotes quickly and easily for all. We know we have the right plan to suit you and your family, and will be happy to discuss the different levels of care available.

The only limit you have on your health plan is the total lump sum limit allocated to your plan of cover. We have a number of plans available each with their own unique cover to suit your needs. 

Access Option

Has no specific limit for hospital stay, and you can use the list of hospitals allocated on our preferred list. We cover chronic medications and day to day benefits including doctor visits but we do not offer long term care cover.

Custom option

Has no hospitalisation cover limit, and covers pharmacy bills and chronic medications. There is an option to increase your custom option to include doctor visits and day to day benefits as well.

Incentive option

No hospital limit and clients can use the hospitals on the preferred list available with your policy.

Chronic treatment and doctor visits are covered, and you have the health platform side, which adds a contribution of your premiums to a savings plan, to be used for any medical needs you have. This includes day to day options and pharmacy bills.

Extender Option

Offers all of the benefits and a higher savings plan portion. Members can use their savings for anything that in within the medical reason coding.

No matter what option you choose, we will ensure you get the premiums that are affordable and the benefits of a medical insurance which covers your main medical needs.

 Contact Details

22 Simmonds St, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
Ph: 087 742 9440 / 0860 117 859
Fx: (031) 580 0480

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PO Box 2338, Durban, 4000, South Africa

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