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About – Momentum Africa

Momentum Financial Services are an independent financial services provider.

This means, we make the rules, we create the policy guidelines and we create a solution in line with your budget. We understand what life can throw at you.

Make Sure you're Covered

Life has its ups and downs, and can really mess around with the financial aspect of your life.

When you have financial commitments that require you to have a steady earning job, and ability to manage your budget in line with your pay back commitments, you somehow feel overwhelmed.

Delivering Services and Products of the Highest Quality

What if something went wrong, what if you lost your job, or got seriously ill?

These are all factors we take into consideration when it comes to covering our clients, with mortgage insurance.

We provide service delivery of the highest quality and that of which our clients expect of us. we focus on the risk management of our clients on a daily basis, ensuring you never suffer the burden of losing what you have worked so hard to obtain.

Services – Momentum Africa

Momentum Financial Services assist all clients within the country, with their financial means and needs, through home loan cover, based on the value and requirements of their mortgage.

Affordbale Mortgage Cover for All

Our rates making getting covered affordable for every clients, no matter what your earnings may be. having a home can be a tricky situation.

You may be paying off a bond, over a long term basis, but still have the concerns about what would happen if you lost your job?

What if you became too ill to work and earn an income? What if I lost my own due to not paying my premiums?

These are all factors we can help with, with our mortgage insurance cover; you never have to worry about losing the roof over your heads.

A Variety of Cover Options for All

We offer our clients a variety of car, home and life insurance options that will meet your home mortgage requirements when it comes to covering what means so much to you.

we will tailor your solution accordingly, and allow for easy budgeting. We have the right insurance cover you need, which you can depend on.

Summary of Services

  • Home Repayments Policy
  • Mortgage Insurance 
  • Insurance For Mortgages
  • Home Loan Cover

Momentum Provides Mortgage Insurance you can Rely on

Momentum offers clients a mortgage protection plan that will keep you from losing your home when you are unable to pay your monthly premiums. This cover is offered immediately to our clients when they take out a home loan or mortgage.

Affordable and Flexible Mortgage Insurance

In the case of your demise, your home loan reimbursements will be cleared. For the most part, a home loan assurance approach is the least expensive type of life cover, especially in the options we offer our clients, we offer highly affordable and flexible mortgage insurance for everyone to afford.

Term Life Assurance

Term life insurance implies you protect your life for a predetermined timeframe. It is life affirmation that gives you a settled level of cover for a predefined term.

If you pass away before your term has met its end date, your named recipient gets the payment of your insurance pay out.

Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness cover will pay for your premiums either until you become well again, or if you don’t, will cover your mortgage in full after a specified time frame. This will ensure your home is paid in full, with no financial burden on your part.

These days we as a whole know about somebody confronting an existence debilitating ailment. Should you grow such a disease there are numerous results for you and your family, not minimum of which, is the extra monetary weight that the ailment puts on you.

It is conceivable to guarantee against this projection and such cover will help you with medicinal costs, loss of income and may, to be sure, create a singular amount for you to spend as you wish.

Why not Contact us today to discover what alternatives are accessible to you?

Additional Offerings to our Valued Clients

Salary Protection - Your wage is by a wide margin your most important resource! Have you considered how your wage would be influenced in the event that you were not able work in your present position?

Regardless of whether you are a worker or are independently employed, your home loan premiums would suffer greatly should you be out of work through illness or disability.

Did you know that not all businesses are obliged to pay you should you become terminally ill or disabled? Being prepared for such a situation is in fact a reality.

We provide life assurance or mortgage insurance for situations like these, to ensure your premiums are covered, and in some circumstances, paid in full if you are no longer able to work due to your disability.

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