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About – My Bond Cover

My Bond Cover gives our clients in South Africa, an instance home mortgage cover, to protect you for those times that you think are unmanageable.

Situations in life may arise, unexpectedly, when you are unable to pay your mortgage premiums.

We Specialise in this Area

This can be the result of illness, disability, retrenchment or even death. My Bond Cover specialise in this area of expertise, this is what makes us stand out in the insurance industry.

We have the expertise and the people with the power, the knowledge and the passion for creating a solution for our clients’ needs every time.

Get covered today, with a firm that truly believes in helping you overcome life’s little obstacles.

Combine your Life and Mortgage Cover

What make our services even more unique, is the fact that we can combine life cover with your home cover, with a lower premium, and double the benefits.

You always come out on top with My Bond Cover. Let us cover you today to protect you tomorrow.

Services – My Bond Cover

My Bond Cover provides a simple and affordable way to cover your home loan. We add value in every stage of the process, including our simple application process.

By implementing immediate cover, our clients get instant cover, to ensure they have their home covered no matter what.

In the Business of Protecting you Financially

We are in the business of protecting our clients. No matter what life throws at you, we will make sure, your family still have a roof over their heads, and everything is paid for.

It’s so easy to apply for, through our convenient and innovative online platform, clients can get the cover they need or get an online insurance quote in an instant.

Make use of our Experts

We also offer our convenient call centre, with experts on the other side, allowing you to get a full breakdown and guidance on the policies available to you.

We will help you on the road to being financially safe and secure. Get the cover you need, to protect your family and your home long term

Summary of Services

  • Home Repayments Policy 
  • Insurance For Mortgages 
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Home Loan Cover

My Bond Cover is the best alternative when it comes to covering your mortgage

My Bond Cover is a tailored insurance cover, that covers your premiums when you cannot earn a salary due to illness, or in the event of death, pays off your home loan in full.

Getting cover is simple with My Bond Cover, an excellent South African disaster protection supplier. By agreeing to accept security cover can spare yourself a large number of Rands over the span of your home mortgage period.

Pay an Affordable all-inclusive Premium

When you back your security cover alongside your mortgage, you'll be paying an affordable all-inclusive premium which allows you the benefit of mortgage cover, when you need it.

There are many situations and spur of the moment incidents in life, that can blow the wind out of your sails.

Do you have Ecessive Debt?

When you have debts and loans to think about, the financial stress can make whatever situation you are in even worse.

Should you become seriously ill, or disabled, you may not be able to carry on working, so how would you afford to pay your regular home mortgage premiums especially if you have no credit life insurance and medical insurance in place?

My Bond Cover has the right solution for you, covering your premiums over a period of time and will evaluate further payment of either a lump sum or whatever option is needed to ensure you don’t lose your home.

What Happens if you Pass Away?

In the event of your death, we will pay your bond in full, allowing your family to carry on living in the home bond free.

Bond cover is extra security that settles the policyholder's outstanding bond obligations in their passing or lasting inability just like funeral insurance covers the cost of someone passing away.

Spare your Family Heartache and Trauma

Without bond cover, the mortgage holders' home will leave their families or closest relative no other choice but to sell the property to pay off the bond.

This circumstance is a long way from perfect: an appropriate purchaser may not be found, or you may not get the amount that the home is worth.

This can be very unsettling and traumatic. This is why our bond cover is so beneficial, and takes the financial stress and concerns out of the process.

Disaster Cover at Moderate Rates

My Bond Cover gives South African mortgage holders access to reasonable disaster protection at super moderate costs.

These bond cover arrangements empower mortgage holders to keep up their month to month bond reimbursements in case of ill health or death.

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