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About Hollard

Hollard travel insurance helps you make your travel planning better by offering travel insurance you can benefit from.

Hollard is well known in the insurance industry, for providing leading insurance options to clients for every need in their life.

All-inclusive Travel insurance

Now Hollard provides a complete travel insurance sector, which revolves around the cover of travelers in times of risk, injury, sickness, and more. Hollard offers a value for money insurance product with a choice of incredible benefits through transparent and open communication with their clients and their policies.

A simple solution with an expert touch

Hollard is one of the largest South African insurance companies in the country and a wholly-owned business.

Hollard clients love their work ethic, their ability to meet their needs and deliver on their quality service every time. The same service is carried out in their travel insurance offering. Hollard provides their clients with all the resources, and the cover they need to stay safe.

Hollard Services

Hollard travel cover stands out in the insurance industry.

They devote their travel insurance division purely to their travellers, who need the cover for those unexpected incidents that happen along the way.

Hollard provides reliable Travel insurance

Travel is unpredictable, and not knowing what can happen, can be a little scary. Hollard covers clients for luggage damage and theft.

Overseas Travel insurance

Hollard also covers risk factors should you need to be evacuated from an area that is under violence, or weather conditions that cause delays and cancellations in your travel arrangements.

Hollard covers every aspect of your journey when travelling, and with affordable premiums, you can afford to take the best options every time you leave home. Hollard have almost 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, they have the capabilities to help you with all your travel cover needs today.

Hollard – Travel Insurance

  • Product Travel Insurance
  • Quotes and purchase online
    No need for paperwork. You can get your quote and buy your travel insurance all online
  • All info in one place
    All the information you may need can be found in the PDF documents on the website including the forms and any lists of exclusions.

Benefits of Hollard

  • Pet insurance for not only your 4 paw family members but also horses under their specialised Equipage option 
  • Funeral Cover with optional value added benefits which you can tailor to your family's needs
  • Legal cover that puts a lawyer at your disposal when you need them
  • Cover for your car - let Hollard help you with not only comprehensive car insurance but also extended warranty from their various partners

Hollard protects all clients when travelling

You can easily obtain Hollard’s travel insurance through their online website.

They offer quick online insurance quotes, useful tips, and all the documentation you need to get covered straight away.

Questions Hollard will ask when you apply

  • Specify if travellers are residents of South Africa.
  • Departure Date.
  • Arrival Date Home.
  • Age category.
  • Confirm the number of travellers.
  • Adults and children travelling alone OR children with a group.
  • Children that are younger than 21 (share in cover with adults).
  • Do you require multiple trip insurance?
  • Do you require leisure or business travel insurance?

Hollard will then get back to you in the fastest possible time with a quotation on what your travel insurance in South Africa would cost and what the benefits, terms, and conditions would include.

Travel insurance cost

The premiums for your chosen travel policy will revolve around your specific details (how long you're travelling for, how many travellers, where you're travelling to, any medical conditions you may have, your age, etc.). In addition, clients can also just pick up the phone and speak to one of Hollard's consultants.

A cushion of Travel insurance cover

When travelling, for business or with your family on holiday, the last thing on your mind is what disaster could possibly come your way. Having that cushion of cover there for you will be your lifeline in any situation that may hamper your travel plans.

Affordable Travel insurance

Hollard has made their travel insurance benefits and premiums affordable to all travellers, with their service delivery at the helm of their solutions, travellers can have the peace of mind that Hollard is there 24/7. Should you have any questions or queries concerning your cover, they have a team of experts on standby waiting to hear from you.

Get proper Travel insurance cover

Don’t get caught off guard, get covered and enjoy your trip. Hollard covers their clients immediately, and will provide a letter for you should you need one when applying for a visa into a foreign country.

Hollard goes above and beyond to ensure the safety side of your travel arrangements is taken care of. Medical cover options should you fall ill, be involved in an accident, or need any medical treatment while travelling.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2021

Having the right cover in place for me and my family is making our trip so much better, we don’t have a worry in the world as we know that whatever happens Hollard has our backs.

Zinhle. K
— Parktown —

September 2021

The greatest Travel Insurance ever they paid out my claim so quickly, and I can go and buy myself some new clothes.

Maria. G
— Sandton —

June 2021

Great service with experts that answered all my questions with full transparency. I am also very happy with the premium they offered me.

Bobbie. J
— Kensington —

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  • PO Box 87419 Houghton, Johannesburg, 2041, South Africa

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  • Monday 08:00 – 17:00
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