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About Travel Insure

Travel Insure was the very first travel insurance company in South Africa, to provide a comprehensive solution to ensuring travellers for risk and emergencies when travelling.

As pioneers in the industry, they managed to develop an easy-to-use platform for clients to access online insurance quotes, and a solution all online.

Travel insurance products that offer high value

Travel Insure’s products stood out in the markets and since then have evolved into extraordinary and valuable products available to all clients needing cover when travelling. Enjoy dealing with experts that know the company well, know the industry even better, and know what you need on your travels.

Travel insurance that meets your needs

Travel Insure provides services underwritten by insurance icon Regent Insurance Company Limited. Travel insurance options are flexible and in line with each traveller’s individual profile and travel needs.

They assist with simple luggage claims and more involved cover such as emergency assistance. Whatever your insurance needs, Travel Insure will provide the means to keep you covered.

Travel Insure Services

Leisure cover, business cover, personal or group cover, Travel Insure offer all of the above in travel insurance.

They are pioneers in the travel insurance industry that deliver the most impeccable benefits and services to their travelers as they have the upper hand in delivering the best knowledge in the industry.

Benefits of Travel Insure

  • All-inclusive insurance for domestic as well as international travel
  • Emergency assistance should an accident occur
  • Treatment for pain in a dental emergency
  • Medical assistance through a registered nurse 24 hours even for people with medical insurance
  • If you have pre-existing medical conditions, they cover up to R500 000
  • Missed flights or delayed flights
  • Travel provider insolvency
  • Loss or theft of luggage

Travel Insure offers a wide range of travel insurance packages according to their clients’ needs. They’ve got you covered whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, alone, with the family, or in a group, no matter what your arrangements are.

Travel Insure – Travel Insurance

  • Product Travel Insurance
  • Many different options
    Travel Insurance offers you insurances for the region you are travelling to.
  • Cover for everyone
    You can get travel insurance as a business, leisure, senior or student traveler

Benefits of Travel Insure

  • Top medical assistance - you will be covered for medical assistance and advice from top medical providers while traveling covering you for all emergencies. 
  • Affordable cover - Travel insurance offers you some of the most affordable cover in SA 
  • Are you a frequent traveler? You can get cover for your many trips at more affordable rates. 

Get your trip covered today with travel insure

Travel Insure makes getting travel insurance a breeze.

They allow their clients to get an instant online insurance quote on their insurance needs just by following a few easy steps on their online platform. By determining how many days your trip will be, your reason for travelling, age, and medical history, and a few minor details, Travel Insure can estimate and produce a quotation from the information you provide to them.

Tailored Travel insurance for you

From there, they will customize your policy to meet all the needs of your travel requirements. Should you need a letter from the embassy when applying for a visa, they can also assist you with that.

Travel Insure’s clients get an instant leisure or business travel cover which is payable through your credit card, online through their safe and secure payment process.

Travel Insure’s process is completely paperless

This can save you a lot of time. Making travel arrangements can be quite complicated, however, they make the insurance part as simple as ever. Everything is done online, making clients feel more relaxed about getting cover before they take off on their trip. You get your completed and paid insurance documentation sent directly to your email address.

Make use of the Travel insurance help desk

They also provide a help desk available to clients whenever they need assistance on the claims, or just to enquire about anything on their travel insurance policy. They are always ready to take your call and help you, even if you are thousands of kilometres away.

Clients travelling for pleasure or leisure, get a package for those who are under 69 years with all benefits included. Travel Insure also caters to clients over 69, with their special senior package, which is specially designed with their senior clients in mind.

Annual Travel insurance package for frequent travellers

Frequent travellers can take advantage of Travel Insure’s annual package, which is designed to cover travellers for the entire year, at a phenomenal rate. You receive a host of valuable benefits to accompany your travel needs.

Travel Insure has travel insurance for everyone. Their benefits are extremely competitive, and knowing that you are covered through the most experienced firm, will give you the peace of mind that you’re covered right.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2021

I am a frequent traveler and took their annual package, very inclusive and cheap too. I am very pleased with what they are offering me.

Nico. K
— Sandton —

September 2021

Getting things done fast is what they do, whether it is to help you put the cover in place or to pay out your claim. I already claimed twice with them and had no issues whatsoever.

Katlhego. G
— Kensington —

September 2021

Most reliable travel insurance provider in South Africa, I recommend them to everyone that is planning on taking an overseas trip.

Joan. T
— Wadeville —

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