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About – Bryte

Bryte business insurance have been insuring companies since 1965, and keeping them secure against the possible risks that come with running a business.

We have a footprint which reaches nationwide, with the capacity and the capability to assist large corporations with their corporate insurance needs.

A Secure and Stable Company

We have the financial stability to secure the payments to our clients, with a listing on the JSE stock exchange, your business is in safe hands.

We have a global presence covering over 170 countries, leveraging off our partners around the world for their assistance when covering clients who have businesses which are situated further than South Africa.

Experience and Expertise to Drive your Forward 

Our board knowledge of the industry ensures we deliver on the expectations of our clients every time whether they need business travel insurance or asset protection.

We deliver on our client’s expectations to keep their business covered in the event of risk, and our customer care goes beyond what you expect. We continuously support you throughout our partnership with you.

Services – Bryte

BryteBusiness Insurance takes a global outlook on protecting your business, no matter what the industry or size of your company may be. We understand the needs of all business owners.

Complete Solutions

When it comes to protecting you from risks, we have a complete business insurance solution to keep your business safe.

Customised Business Insurance 

Financially, we offer a beneficial cover that will cover you in the event of any damages, loss or violation within your four walls.

We customise your business insurance through an analysed look at what you need to cover, and what specific risks could prevent you from keeping your company running smoothly.

We cover a wide scope of business needs:

  • Short term Insurance
  • General Business Insurance
  • Business Liability Insurance
  • Corporate Business Insurance

These options protect your assets, your people and third party liability claims. We keep your insurance policy in line with your business budget, and in line with your industry needs.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance 
  • Agricultural Insurance

Bryte Covers your Business Financially for the Future

Bryte business insurance makes all our business processes efficiently convenient for our clients. Because we work on a global platform, our investors and clients expect an extremely high level of service delivery through our teams which are situated throughout the world.

High Levels of Service 

In South Africa, you can expect the same level of service, with best practice protocols and processes all uniquely simplified and customised to suit the businessman or woman who needs cover.

Every claim we handle is treated with the best quality processes, ensuring nothing leaks out the gaps, and that our clients get the benefits they were promised when taking out their policy. Bryte has over 8000 dedicated staff members throughout our branches globally.

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Each staff member completely experienced and qualified to specific areas of our business, allowing clients to get the expertise and service delivery they need and want from their insurance company.

Business claims will be assigned to a designated claims co-ordinator, to handle your business cover claim personal, with fewer costs to your business and in the end savings you time.

Contact us to Arrange a Meeting

All you need to do is contact one of the Bryteexperts, and we will set up a face to face meeting with you to discuss where to go next with your process.

We will start with your claim process as soon as possible, so you can carry on with running your business and not sorry about the delayed time period for whatever you are claiming for on behalf of your business.

Insurance Based on your Individual Needs

We understand that every client has different needs, our insurance options are based on individual needs of our clients, with specifics to their business needs and portfolio, what needs to be insured or covered, what kind of insurance you need, and the value of what is being covered.

From Application to Claim - we are Here

With ever client we assist, you can be assured you will get the service from a team of experienced customer centric specialist that you deserve.

We will assist you with your business insurance processes from getting an online insurance quote to completing an application and claiming, no matter what you need insured, no matter where you are in the world, no matter what business you have; Bryte can assist you today.

 Contact Details

15 Marshall St, Ferreiras Dorp, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2001, South Africa
Ph: 011 370 9111
Fx: 086 000 4221

 Postal Address

PO Box 61 489, Marshalltown, 2107, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 16:00
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 16:00
  • Wednesday 08:00 – 16:00
  • Thursday 08:00 – 16:00
  • Friday 08:00 – 16:00
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