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About – 21ST Century

21st CENTURY were established in 1998, and have since then been offering funeral, accident, disability and life cover policies to South African clients.

We Stay by your Side

With our experience in this specific industry, we have been able to provide a comfort and compassion to our clients throughout this sad time in their lives.

Throughout the journey we remain by your side during a time that requires quick and reliable decision making and someone experienced to take the reins, when your emotions are incapable of dealing with this situation.

Compassion and Care

When we started our firm, we noticed there were many companies offering funeral insurance cover; however, it seemed to be a very hard approach, we felt clients needed more consoling from a funeral cover provider.

Financial and Emotional Support

At one of the most difficult times in one’s life, getting financial and emotional support is where we saw the gap in the market.

We have designed funeral insurance cover which reaches out to our clients with compassion. Our superior services have thus reached reached thousands of customers via over 25 branches across the country.

Services – 21ST Century

21st CENTURY offer South Africans looking for a superior funeral cover insurance that attends to every emotional and financial need of our clients.

We offer clients a range of funeral benefits that will assist them from beginning to the end.

Support & Guidance

Having the support and guidance from a firm who truly cares can make a huge difference to our clients during this very emotional time in their lives.

Dealing with this on your own is unfair, so we help with all the necessary arrangements, to create a smooth and seamless process for you.

Comprehensive Cover and Services

We offer assistance through our policies which aid in catering, cars, additional furniture, tomb stones and everything else needed to ensure the funeral has everything you need.

We also have over 15 fully equipped mortuaries on a national footprint, making our consolidated services approachable and easier to access to our clients.

Affordable Funeral Plans

We will assist with a funeral of your choice and in line with your budget. At a minimal rate per month, cover you and your family, so when the time does come, we take the stress out of your hands. 

Summary of Services

  • Funeral Insurance

21st Century takes on the Planning during a Difficult Time

21st Century has the experience in the insurance industry, to provide a funeral insurance cover to clients in the country, with all the added benefits they need.

We understand the funeral insurance industry, and have been providing our cover to clients and their loved ones for many years. What makes us a stand out in this area is our ability to provide a value added cover that our clients get more out of.

Cover the Expenses of a Funeral

To cover your funeral and burial expenses, 21st Century Life offers clients a comprehensive funeral plan which relieve your family the financial stress of coming up with the cash needed to give you a proper burial.

A funeral cover is like any other insurance policy, but is more affordable, and allows you to have a number of beneficiaries under one policy and through one easy premium each month.

Support when you Need it Most

It may be comforting having 21st Century organise all arrangements for you. When you have to mourn your loss, you don’t want to have to deal with traumatic details like selecting a casket, completing stressful documentation and having to arrange all the formalities of the funeral.

With 21st Century, you get all this and more organised for you. 21st Century have the capabilities to organise funerals to your precise requirements and budget.

We have a complete group of experienced people to assist with all your requirements. If you'd like an insurance quote online, contact us to get started.

Funeral Plans Designed for Simplicity

21st Century Life gives various funeral cover alternatives to fit your particular needs. We make provision for one of kind budgets which means that for a mere monthly premium, you can get R50 000 funeral cover. With our funeral plans, you can afford the premiums of R30 a month.

We strive to assist our clients in many ways, to make life and death a little easier. We have an option to suit everyone’s needs and those who require extensive cover and support for their families can also apply for life insurance.

With our three in one funeral cover solution clients get:

  • pre-funeral fund – you get a fast instant pay-out before the funeral to start making arrangements
  • the funeral provider – 21st Century organizes a dignified funeral for you
  • a complete catering provider

Get Covered Today

Let us provide an end to end funeral solution that covers all your needs, so you can concentrate on the mourning of your loved one, without having to worry about the planning of a funeral.

Our staff are here to assist our clients from beginning to end with their funeral insurance policy, and are available to assist with any questions or queries our clients may have along the way.

 Contact Details

410 Janadel Ave, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, Gauteng, 1686, South Africa
Ph: 011 805 1621 / (011) 422 1738
Fx: (011) 422 2338
Em: info@21stcenturylife.co.za

 Postal Address

PO Box 7116, Halfway House, 1685, South Africa