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Nedbank Funeral Cover

  • Low cost funeral plan
  • Bonusses every year
  • No medical tests

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About Nedbank

Nedbank is one of South Africa’s largest and most trusted banking giants with millions of customers and some of the most innovative and customer-centric financial products.

Whether you’re interested in switching to a Nedbank account, taking out a low rate personal loan, buying your first home, or securing your family’s financial future with a solid family funeral plan – Nedbank will provide you with just the right products.

Knitted into the fibre of the African continent

As one of the largest financial services providers in Africa, Nedbank has built a solid reputation and continues to strive to achieve its vision of being the most admired financial provider on the continent. To achieve this they work hard to keep their customers, employees, and shareholders happy by sticking to their strategies and continuing to grow, develop, and innovate.

From the addition of new insurance products that help secure people, homes, businesses, and industries to ensure their staff is among the best trained and most satisfied employees in the banking field, they put in the work and it shows. 

Nedbank’s lesser-known services

While most of us know about Nedbank’s range of financial products, their growing range of personal and business insurance products is not quite as well-known.

Insurance plans tailored to you

When it comes to personal insurance, Nedbank has you covered with home, car, credit, and travel insurance plans that are competitively priced and offer many fantastic benefits.

Nedbank Services

Nedbank offers three fantastic funeral cover options that have been designed to offer a decent level of cover, affordable premiums, flexibility, and additional support with transportation, funeral, and legal arrangements.

Option 1: Simple Funeral cover for one

This option provides you with a funeral cover of either R10,000 for R30,00 per month or R30,000 worth of cover for R50,00 per month. In addition to the payout you also enjoy a premium bonus after 12 months and a no-lapse benefit which guarantees that you’re still covered even when you’re having financial troubles and can’t afford to make the full premium payment.

Option 2: Cover yourself and 6 family members

For R90 per month, you get R30,000 cover for you and up to six family members. You also get a premium bonus if you haven’t claimed for 12 months and the no-lapse benefit if you only make a partial premium payment due to financial difficulties.

Option 3: Cover yourself and 29 family members

This option allows you to cover up to 29 family members for amounts of up to R75,000. While it also offers the no-lapse benefit and the yearly premium bonus, it has two features that are unique to it.

The first is the family support benefit which will provide an R2,500 monthly payout for a period of three, six, nine, or twelve months after your death. There is also the option to allow your family to remain covered under the policy for up to two years after you pass away completely premium-free.

If you’re looking to purchase the third option, the best way to do this is online as you can enjoy a 5% discount. If you’re a Nedbank customer and have your premiums debited from your Nedbank account, you can enjoy a further 5% discount.

Nedbank – Funeral Cover

  • Product Funeral Cover
  • Price
    Get R10 000 cover from as little as R30/month
  • Cover for you and your family
    You can get affordable cover for yourself and up to six family members
  • Get your cover
    You can get your cover by a quote online, request a call back or go into a branch and speak to a consultant

Benefits of Nedbank

  • NIC (Nedbank Chat) - a live chat is available to you while you look at the different options, buy or make a claim on line. A friendly consultant is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. 
  • Life cover for up to 2 million rand of cover for up to 10 beneficiaries in one policy. You can add additional cover, to your life insurance, such as disability and critical illness cover. 
  • Credit Protection is insurance for all your loans or lines of credit. If anything should happen to you this insurance will cover your debts so as not to burden your family with this responsibility.

Get covered with Nedbank now.

You can easily purchase funeral cover from Nedbank in one of five ways; via their call centre, by using their MoneyApp, via online banking, through the USSD service, or by visiting one of their branches.

You can also get a quote by speaking to one of their call centre agents by either filling out their call me back form or calling them directly.

Tools and resources to help you achieve

In addition to their massive range of financial and insurance products for individuals, businesses, and corporate, Nedbank is also big on helping you get to where you’re going with the information and support that you need.

Whether it’s their financial blog that delivers insightful information, tips, and news, their range of online calculators, or their Money Tracker management tool that lets you create a budget, manage your cash and review your spending, Nedbank is determined to empower you in any way they can.

Additional support offered

Going through the passing away of a loved one is traumatic and the last thing any family needs is the added pressure of having to arrange a funeral and take care of the various legal duties alone. In addition to the payout and added benefits, you can rely on Nedbank to help you or your family with these duties. They’ll help make funeral arrangements, arrange for remains to be transported, and help get the paperwork sorted out.

Available tools and guidance

Being committed to ensuring you make the best possible financial decisions and always have a solid financial plan backing you. Nedbank has a range of tools and guidance available to help you.

Whether you simply need some more information about the various types of insurance policies and how they interact with one another or just want to know if a funeral plan is worth it for you and your family, their site will help you get the answers you need.

Make a claim on your Nedbank Funeral policy

You or a beneficiary can make a claim by calling their call centre or get started by visiting their website and downloading their claim form which will need to be filled out. Supporting documents will also need to be provided before a claim is approved and paid out.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2020

With so many options you will definitely find the perfect funeral cover for you and you family, join today before you miss out on all the benefits that comes with joining with Nedbank.

Paul W
— Gauteng —

April 2021

Easiest way to get funeral cover online or even just a phone call away, they helped me so fast with no struggles.

Nomvula S
— Bisho —

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