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About – Allianz

Allianz is a worldwide leader with experience dating back many years, in providing home contents insurance options to meet our client’s requirements.

Service that Stands out

When it comes to service delivery, we stand out with our presence in over 160 countries, delivering best practise integrated systems, and over 10 000 corporate policies within our business management.

This is just a small taste of what our abilities are in the insurance industry.

We have the experience, the innovation and the passion for providing service solutions through insurance cover to all clients that need an insurer they can depend on.

We have the Capacity and Capability

Investing in the financial future of individuals, families and businesses alike, we have the capacity and the capability to take your needs and create a solution that counts.

We work with the most experienced and qualified key advisors, consultants and financial experts to give our clients the surety that their insurance cover, comes from a well renowned and accredited firm.

Services – Allianz

Allianz take great pride in delivering effective and affordable insurance solutions for our clients whether they need .

Because we have an outlook of what the market needs on a global scale, we have the ability to create a multitude of channelled cover options for clients with different needs.

Years of Experience in Insurance

We have many years’ experience in insuring home owners for their valuables, home contents and building cover, and wanted to allow cover for clients who didn’t own their own home.

We have home contents cover that offers tenants the benefits of full coverage of their valuable belongings, to allow them security and financial backing should anything be damaged, or stolen.

Treating you like an Individual

We give individual advice, and service delivery to each client, as a VIP customer. Every client we assist is important to us, so why shouldn’t you be treated with that special service you deserve.

We give clients an open door channel of communication, giving you access to our experts over the phone or by email whenever you need assistance with your insurance cover.

Summary of Services

  • Allianz Risk Transfer
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Captive Insurance Services
  • Claims Services
  • Energy Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Entertainment Insurance
  • Financial Lines Insurance
  • International Insurance Solutions
  • Liability Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Mid-Corporate Insurance

Allianz is your Home Contents Insurance Provider of Choice

Allianz is a world leader in the insurance industry. We are well known for our reliable and efficient services, which are easy to understand and affordable to every income bracket.

If you are renting a home, you still need to think of your valuable possessions in your rented home. Keeping them safe is a priority and insurance to cover eventualities should be as important as car insurance or life cover.

Insurance for your Home Contents

At Allianz, you can insure your home contents, even if you don’t own the house you are living in. we provide a 24/7 insurance help and support line for clients who need an insurance company on hand at any time.

Our processes are simple. Clients can apply online whenever it suits them, making life more convenient and faster processes allow you to be insured quicker.

Our people are our greatest assets

At Allianz, we are lucky to have a team of qualified and experienced consultants, who know our business. When you insure your valuables and home contents, you need an insurance partner you can trust.

This also means you need someone who understands the insurance business. We spend many hours a month training and developing our staff, so that should they encounter a client who needs assistance, they are empowered to be proactive, and initiate the claim process immediately.

Reliable Insurance Cover

You never know when a flood or fire will take over your home contents, and destroy what you have worked so hard for. With a reliable insurance partner, we don’t waste any time is getting your claim paid out, so that you can replace the items that are totally damaged, or irreparable.

We use our innovative processes to ensure your claim is tended to quickly, without any delay. Because we work through online platforms, clients can rely on us to be available for them no matter where in the country they are. You can even get an online insurance quote in just minutes.

We are there for you 24/7

Because we now that theft or damages to your home contents could happen at any time, we provide our clients with emergency assistance available 24/7 every day of the week.

Should you be a victim to a break-in, or fire damage, we will ensure our consultants can assist you immediately, with their ability to get your insurance in full swing when you need to claim.

For home and property damages, we can assist with one of our preferred handymen, to come and repair damages that need to be done straight away. We even send out assistance over the weekend.

 Contact Details

32 Cradock Ave, Johannesburg, Rosebank, 2196, South Africa
Ph: 011 214 7900