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About – Tenantlink

Tenantlink is a self-serviced online platform, which allows clients to register and get a full tenant search service.

Providing a Unique Service

We provide a unique service that combines the search for the right tenants, with a suitable track record and background check as well as the renters insurance cover to keep you protected as a landlord.

We search through various platforms online for clients looking for a place to rent which makes it that much easier for you to find a suitable tenant.

We list them by the rent they are willing to pay, their age and family size and other criteria that may be appealing to the landlord looking for tenants.

Use our Platform for Free

Our search facility is free to use, all you need to do is access our services online with easy steps to follow, and the search is on to find the right match to your profile.

Clients can register on our webpage and use our service whenever they like. We use technology and innovation to create a user friendly platform for all landlords to benefit from.

Services – Tenantlink

Tenantlink offers clients in South Africa valuable home contents insurance cover, when you are renting as a tenant.

We specialise in assisting landlords in finding the right tenant for their flats, homes or rental property.

Help Screening Tenants

With a website of variety, we help you with the search and the background checks when you sign someone to live as your tenant.

We also provide insurance cover, to keep you protected should anything go sideways with your rental agreement.

When Things go Wrong

There are times when you may just get the wrong people staying on your premises. People often dodge the rent, destroy and damage your property, and can be difficult to evict because of the legal system.

These are all areas that we can facilitate financially, in terms of legal fees, payment of lost rent and repairs to damages on your property.

We are the rental and tenant specialist with the added twist of being insurance advisors. Let Tenantlink take care of all your rental needs under one roof.

Summary of Services

  • Rental Insurance

Tenantlink has the Cover you've been Searching for

Tenantlink assists renters in getting insurance for their home contents, swiftly and efficiently.

Just because you don’t own the home you are living in, doesn’t mean you can't insure your possessions.

Our insurance works in two fold.

We cover the renting parties for their home contents and valuables should there be a fire or burglary, weather damages, burst pipes or anything else that may cause your items of value to be damaged.

We also cover the landlord, in cases where the renting party have damaged the house or flat in regards to building damages. We can protect you as a landlord and as a renter.

We have renters and home contents cover options in place that are reasonably affordable and allow you to claim for all areas of your home and home contents.

Don't let Tenants take Advantage

Renting your home out to the public, can be a money making advantage to many people who have the property to spare. Keeping the property maintained and in working order for your tenants can also be an ongoing job.

However, sometimes, there are renters who take advantage of the property not being theirs, and create havoc to your property.

This can come with damages and also not paying rent when they supposed to. This can be a negative downward spiral, as trying to evict the renters could be a stressful situation.

Financial Support for Legal Proceedings

We will assist you with these proceedings where we can. Landlords have the ability to claim for legal fees when they need to evict their renters from their premises. This is a clause stipulated in your cover option.

By completing our online interest form included on our website, you can cover yourself for any damages and legal proceedings you may have to undertake with renters who disrespect your property. You can also get an online insurance quote via our site.

Experienced Consultants - Here to help

Our consultants are experienced in the renters and landlords insurance policies to assist you with all the legal enquiries you have to formulate a cover that keep you safe and covered in any situation.

No matter if you are the landlord or the renting party, get covered for what you own with Tenantlink, we have you covered for every situation.

 Contact Details

4 Gaydon Rd, Hatton Estate, Pinetown, 3610, South Africa
Ph: +27 (0)83 650 3864
Em: info@tenantlink.co.za