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About – Nedbank

Nedbank Group Ltd is a world leader in the banking and financial services industry. With decades of experience in assisting clients with all their banking, investment and insurance needs, we provide a valuable and essential list of services that or clients can enjoy.

Everything you Need Under One Roof

Why should you separate all your covers, banking and investments into different firms, when you can have all your policies and solutions under one convenient company? We offer Nedbank clients a world of opportunities, benefits and value adds, through every service we provide.

Cost Effective & Valuable Solutions

We have the financial stability to provide our clients with the lasting commitment they need from a services provider. With over 6 million customers throughout the country, we are leaps and bounds above our competitors in the market.

We believe in providing cost effective and valuable solutions that make a difference to your life and our home contents insurance is no different. We invest in your future and your present, and aim to make life a little less complicated.

Services – Nedbank

Nedbank Group Ltd provides landlords with the comprehensive and affordable building insurance they need to cover them when they have tenants in their property.

For the most part, landlords usually don’t have any concerns about their tenants, and the income made for the rental can help a lot financially.

Keeping your Investment Protected

However, there may be a time, when you encounter a tenant, who totally turns your world upside down or when something happens to your building or property.

From fire that leaves your building as nothing more than a pile of ashes to water damage and insect infestations that make it impossible to rent the premises out, building insurance has you covered.

Keeping Tenants Protected

Nedbank back you up with home contents cover that financially assists tenants to replace their household goods if they are damaged or stolen.

We will cover the damages to your property as well as many more added benefits that keep you as a tenant protected financially.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Insurance Cover
  • Tenant Insurance
  • Renters Insurance

Nedbank - Offering Home Contents Insurance to Cover your Valuables

At Nedbank, we understand how important your valuables are to you. If you had to create an inventory of all your assets, clothes, technology items and furniture in your home, you would be surprised at the value you have in total.

Building and Home Contents Cover

We have offered home owners insurance cover that covers them for their building as well as home contents, and this has been an incredible breakthrough in the insurance industry, however, there are other factors to consider in this area.

Tenant vs Landlords Responsibilities

What if you are renting a flat, home or building? Who would be responsible for the insurance cover thereof? Well, in theory and legally, the landlord is only responsible for the insurance of the shell of the building and this is called property insurance. Whatever you bring into the rented property is actually the tenant’s responsibility.

We have noticed on countless occasions, that tenants are not always aware of this legality, and become extremely stressed when they are burgled and don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to claiming.

Tenants have the right to cover their home contents, with Nedbank’s renter’s cover. We cover everything from linen, jewellery, technology to books and furniture. Whatever you own that you bring into the rented home, is insurable.

Damage Caused by Weather and Power Surges

Tenants are insured in the event of lightning damage and power surges that affect and damage their televisions, computers and electronic goods. We cover you for damages from weather conditions that may incur flooding, as well as fires and the damages thereafter.

Dealing with the Consequences of Crime

Theft is a major issue in our country at the moment, and being burgled is not only invasive to your privacy, but the most valuable and expensive items are usually targeted first.

We will cover these items if specified in your home contents insurance policy. If you are moving from one house to another house as a renter, we will carry over your insurance cover regardless.

Upgrading and Reviewing your Policy

You have the opportunity to upgrade or review your policy on an annual basis; to keeping up to date with the cost of the replacement of your contents is a good idea to keep in mind. Being underinsured can mean you lose out at the end of the day. When appyling for an online insurance quote always be specific, precise and honest with regard to the coverage you need.

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