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About FNB

As the second-largest bank in South Africa, FNB is a reliable banking giant that is known for its product excellence, innovative approaches, and excellent customer service.

From eBucks, Forex, and PayPal services to investments, devices, connectivity, legal assistance, and financial planning, there isn’t much that FNB can’t do for you. In addition to their banking and financial services and product offerings, they also offer a full range of life and non-life insurance packages from car and home insurance, to legal cover and business insurance.

Here to stay

FNB is the oldest bank with a history dating back to 1838 and a long and interesting progression to where it is today as a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. Their roots are so deeply ingrained into the fabric of the country that it is a significant part of the country’s history and future.

Making SA a better place

FNB are serious about their commitment to making South Africa a better place for everyone and their FNB Fund is a testament to this vision. They’ve been supporting numerous community initiatives and non-profits for years and have also narrowed down their focus areas to deliver great impact.

These focus areas are centred on education, early childhood development, hospice, and work that encourages safer communities for the benefit of all children. From Childline to the Sithuthukile Trust which offers agricultural training in Mpumalanga, FNB continues to have a huge impact on our country.

Fighting to save the environment 

In addition, FNB is heavily committed to lowering its impact on the environment and doing its part to support conservation projects. In fact, their efforts have been recognized extensively and they’ve even been awarded the Deloitte and Touche Award for sustainable development.

FNB Services

FNB offers a full range of insurance products and services to customers – everything from building and home contents insurance to funeral and life cover.

Tailored Home contents insurance 

If you’re an FNB customer you will be required to call their insurance department to arrange for a quote or to make an application. An agent will then assess your needs and take note of your risk profile before presenting you with a tailored home contents insurance policy.

A home contents insurance policy takes on the risk of theft, damage, or loss of your insured personal belongings in exchange for a monthly premium. In the event of a fire, weather-related incident, or burglary, FNB will repair or pay for the replacement of the covered items.

What’s covered by FNB insurance

If your home is burglarized or you’re involved in a home robbery (or a botched robbery) your policy will cover the stolen items as well as damage caused by any such attempt. If your belongings are damaged or destroyed by fire, an explosion, or lightning – you’re covered too. FNB will even pay for alternative accommodation while your home is being repaired.

In addition to the above, you’re also covered if someone intentionally damages your property, if your appliances are damaged by power surges, or if you accidentally damage your own property. If the power goes out and food in your fridge and freezer is spoiled – you’ll be covered for this loss up to a certain amount.

You’re also covered for:

  • Damage to property of visitors and domestic employees
  • Loss or damage to documents and cash
  • Storage costs
  • Damage and loss of personal belongings being transported
  • Damage to or loss of garden furniture, tool, and outdoor equipment

FNB – Home Content Insurance

  • Product Home Contents Insurance
  • What it costs
    Premiums depend on the value of the items in your home
  • Calculator
    In order for you to get the best cover at the best premium FNB suggest that you make a comprehensive list of all of the items in your home and their cost.
  • Comprehensive cover
    FNB will make sure that with your home contents cover you are also covered for power surges and a place to stay if your home is unsafe for any reason.

Benefits of FNB

  • Digital FNB - FNB offers you completely digital solutions with its innovative app and online banking. Most application and transactions can be done from the palm of your hand or the comfort of your home. 
  • Insure - FNB offers life insurance which includes critical illness, permanent disability and income protection cover
  • For Business - FNB has been helping small, medium and big business for years. With their expertise and tailor made business solutions they can help any business grow to its full potential. 
  • For you - Insure not only your home contents but also your building and your car all with FNB

Speak to an FNB agent today and get covered

FNB is still a bit old-school when it comes to applying for insurance.

Even existing customers have to either contact the call center themselves or use the FNB app to send a “call me back” request. This can be done by navigating to the “insurance” section in the main menu and selecting the “home insurance” category. As an existing FNB client the call me back form will be automatically completed for you.

Combine your Home contents and building cover

If you have a bond you likely already have building insurance in place but if not or if you’d like to move over to FNB you can combine your building and home contents cover. All FNB plan premiums are calculated based on your individual risk profile so you must contact them directly.

Additional FNB insurance products

  • FNB life insurance: an important part of your financial plan, life insurance pays out a lump sum in the event that you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Also available are critical illness cover, permanent disability cover, and income protection cover.
  • FNB car insurance: Get comprehensive, third party, fire, and theft or third party only car insurance at great rates. FNB also offers scratch and dent cover.
  • FNB funeral plan: Covers you and your family Select from 7 cover amounts the maximum of which pays out up to R100,000
  • FNB home insurance: This includes building and home contents insurance. The former includes cover for the structure of your home, any outbuildings you add, motor-operated gates, palisade fencing, pavements, and property additions.
  • FNB health cash plan: If you’re in the hospital for more than 2 days you will be paid out a set sum per day to use as you please. You also get R150,000 additional cover for critical illness diagnosis.
  • Law on Call: Offers you professional legal advice 24/7 for all your family and personal legal issues for an affordable monthly fee.
  • Travel insurance: Cover you for the first 90 days of a trip for delays, cancellations, unplanned extensions, medical emergencies, repatriation, compassionate visits, and so much more. If you use your FNB credit card to buy your plane ticket, you get complimentary travel insurance.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2021

You pay for what you have, they valuate your valuables and adjust your premium plan to the value.

Jennifer L
— Knysna —

June 2021

What I love about FNB is that you can get all your premiums in one quote and they cover you instantly.

Thembeka R
— Mahikeng —

July 2020

With all the load shedding the last couple of years I lost to much so now I'm being covered by FNB for any damages caused by power outs!

Ayanda M
— Benoni —

FNB Contact

Physical Address

  • 3, First Place, Kerk &, Simmonds St, Bank City, Johannesburg Gauteng 2000 South Africa
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Opening Hours

  • Monday 09:00 – 15:30
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  • Wednesday 09:00 – 15:30
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