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About – CompliMed Health Insurance

CompliMed Health Insurance was established in 2003, when we saw a gap in the market for clients needing financial assistance for those times when their medical aids didn’t always cover their entire medical bill.

The Cost of Medical Care

The cost of health care in this country is rising by the day, and being able to afford the necessary treatments and day to day consults can weigh heavy on your pocket, especially if you need to be hospitalised.

Medical Aid Gap Cover

By identifying the needs of our clients, we came up with the medical insurance cover, that paid clients a lump sum amount, which could and can be used to cover the gap that is missed when using a medical aid.

We also enabled clients to claim back any other medical, doctor and specialist fees that they paid upfront back from their health insurance cover.

Our consultants are highly qualified and experience to assist our clients with any queries, medical aid quotes and applications they would like processed in order to get the health insurance they need.

Services – CompliMed Health Insurance

CompliMed Health Insurance provides gap cover for clients who are left to pay the balance of their doctor and hospital bills after the medical aid has paid their portion.

Our insurance cover offer clients a number of unique benefits including:

  • Additional financial assistance for in-hospital charges including doctor or specialist visits while admitted.
  • An enhanced cover of 500% over and above your medical aid, we often see most medical aids only pay a certain percentage due to doctor rates and ICD tariffs, this is when our insurance cover takes care of the balance
  • We cover a host of specialist procedures out of hospital or as an out patient
  • We pay towards cancer treatments specified in the terms of contract
  • We pay for renal disease treatment over the medical aid rates
  • If your medical aid requires a co-payment for a procedure, your insurance will cover this bill which will be re-imbursed to you on payment

If you're looking to protect yourself from excessive medical bills that you ordinary cover doesn't include then it's time to get an online insurance quote from us.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Life Cover
  • Legal Insurance 
  • Disability Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Cover
  • Hospital Cover

CompliMed Cover those Expensive Gaps in your Medical Aid

CompliMed Health Insurance makes claiming on your health insurance is easy and hassle free. We allow clients the access of convenient streamlined platforms which use technology as a base to claim back you cash off your medical policy.

How to make a Claim

To get the benefits of our gap cover, clients can follow a few simple instructions to get their claim covered. Simply complete the claim for, sign and attach a copy of your hospital bill to the claim form.

If you have any accounts from your specialist and doctors, attach those with the completed documents. Email this complete set of claim documents to or fax to 011 463 1600.

We will then process your claim, and get your payment processed in speedy turnaround times, to ensure that gap cover is paid.

In order to ensure your claims are paid in due time, we advise clients to take a responsible approach in submitting their documents within a 6 months of the hospitalisation date. We can process the payment of your claim within 14 days after your claim has reached us.

How Gap Cover Works

The gap cover is not part of the medical aid; this is a separate health insurance which is purely there to cover the gap. Often medical cover only covers portions of payment in line with the ICD codes and tariffs, according to the medical procedures and doctor billing processes.

This often results in a gap payment where the medical aid will not cover a portion of the hospital or treatment bill.

We have found through our experience that having health insurance as a backup will provide the financial relief when you have that large account at the end of the day which you didn’t expect. You can easily get an online insurance quote for this gap cover fromour site. 

We're Always Striving to Grow and Improve

CompliMed are always looking at new and unique ways to provide South Africans with financial support when it comes to medical bills.

We learn through surveys, compliments and complaints on what our clients need, and how to improve or create a service that meets hose needs.

We have all the insurance cover you need when it comes to your medical needs, including disability and life cover

Take the proactive approach and look after your health with CompliMed, today!

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