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About – Essential Med Health

Essential Med is a medical cover which pays for the essential medical costs that we endure in life.  

As a health and medical specialist team, we know better than anyone, what costs are involved in the road to staying healthy.

Essential Cover for Healthy Living

A simple doctor visit can cost you hundreds of Rands, imagine having to see a specialist, or need surgery.

Don’t put off good health because you can’t afford the payment of the doctor or hospital.

With Essential Med, this is a thought of the past. We have created a medical insurance plan that will cover those costs, so you can afford to keep healthy.

Affordability and Practicality

We take our time to resource and investigate the needs of clients, and use the outcomes to create the best insurance solution. We look at affordability as well as practicality.

We don’t offer you something that you cannot use; we look at where you live, what resources are available to you and tailor a solution that fits you perfectly.

Services – Essential Med Health

Essential med offer clients the option of two fantastic health insurance covers – our clients also have the option of combining the tow to create an insurance cover that meets all your needs.

Hospital Cover

We will provide a medical savings account at minimal premium monthly, to use on hospital cover. More and more often, clients are under the knife for a procedure that was either or put off for months, or in an emergency.

If you are admitted into hospital, for any procedure that entitles you to spend more than 24 hours in hospital, we will cover everything that happens.

The blood test, medications, doctor visits, surgery and everything else that occurs during your hospital stay, will be covered from your Essential Med hospital plan.

Day to Day Cover

Covers doctor visits, pharmacy bills, dentist and physio. There will be a limit in place on your medical aid as per your terms of policy.

We will also issue you with ta list of the preferred specialist who work in line with our medical cover, to ensure payment is made directly to them, and not out your pocket.

Summary of Services

  • Day-to-Day Cover
  • Hospital Cover
  • Group Cover

Offering Tailored Medical Aid and Hospital Plans

Essential Med Hospital Plan health insurance offers clients in South Africa, medical cover that covers you every day from day to day cover to hospital cover.

No matter how ill you are, or how healthy you are, we have you covered for every cycle of your medical journey. We do not, however, offer long term care insurance or dental cover for extensive dental work. 

A Unique Offering

With a unique offering, clients can access their medical cover through a simple step by step application, and before long, get your entire family covered for all the medical care they need to stay in tip top shape.

We Understand your Needs

We work in line with the hospital medical rates, and doctor codes, allowing your payments to be made in full and leaving you happier and healthier, not having to worry about the payment of your treatments. We know how quickly an accident can occur.

You can try your best to stay healthy and active, but in a heartbeat, you could be involved in a car accident, or need surgery for some reason. You can trust Essential Med to ensure that the bill is covered.

Get Private Care and Treatment

Clients need not wait hours or days to be seen in a government medical facility, we allow you to get the preferred treatment from private hospital where you can be seen and assisted by medical professionals who will provide you with the treatment you need to get back on track.

We understand that there isn’t a medical or insurance cover that’s generic and fits every home or family. We know that everyone needs and requires a specific cover, that’s meets their specific needs.

Tailored Insurance Options

This is why we will tailor a health insurance solution that meets your customised needs every time. With day to day medical benefits, we will cover everything from doctor consultation, to prescription medication from the pharmacy.

Keeping healthy doesn’t always happen in hospital.

We know there may be times when you just need to visit the doctor, dentist or any other medical practice. For times like these, you can use your Essential Medical health cover to ensure you get those day to day benefits.

Why pay out your pocket, when a medical cover can offer the financial support, with a low monthly premium, the entire family can get all the medical assessments they need? Get a medical insurance quote today and get the peace of mind that you deserve.

 Contact Details

Essential Group Building 2, Olive Grove Estate, Ou Paardevlei Road, Firgrove Rural, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7130, South Africa
Ph: 086 170 7070

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